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Quan Lan island tour 3 days from Hanoi

Duration: 3 days
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  • Tour location: Quan Lan island
  • Departure: 7:30 am
  • Tour Duration: 3 days 2 nights
  • Tour Runs: Minimum 2 persons. Maximum on request

With luscious greenery and exquisite views of nature all around, Quan Lan island is truly a mostly untouched gem, that has to be experienced. This Quan Lan island tour in 3 days provides you with a unique, authentic, fun experience for those who like real adventure travel. This tour is fully customized based on your taste and budget. Hanoi Eco Tour is the only travel company offer this type of tour

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Quan Lan island tour 3 days from Hanoi

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Overview of Quan Lan island package tour

Duration: 3 days
Pick up and drop off : At your hotel in Hanoi Old Quarter or any other places 5 kilometers from Hanoi Old Town

Style of Tour: 100% our tour are PRIVATE which means that you got your own personal experience

Rate : Please contact us for the best possible rate

The Suggested Itinerary of  Quan Lan island tour

Day 1: Hanoi, Van Don, Island of Quan Lan (B,L)

7.00 am: Catch a taxi to the meeting point where a local public minivan awaits to transport you to Ha Long Bay. The minivan will depart at 08.00 am (sharp).

12.30pm – 15.30pm: Arrive at Halong City for a delicious lunch and guest check-in. A high-speed Boat departs to the Quan Lan at 13.30pm.

The beautiful islands of Duck Islet, Con Tay and Dau Moi Islet can be enjoyed, as well as surreal looking limestone mountains while jetting away in the high-speed Boat.

15.30pm – 16.00pm: Arrive at Quan Lan, Wharf and be transferred to the hotel by means of an invigorating electric car ride. Check-in will then commence.

16.00pm – 19.00pm: A electric car will again take you towards Son Hao Beach, rated as one of the most enchanting islands in Quan Lan. If you were excitedly awaiting dipping into the serene, stunning, crisp ocean waters, this is the place to experience it!

19.00pm – Time to unwind and enjoy your night of splendid relaxation at the hotel of your choice .

In keeping up with the serenity of the island, there are no night clubs, pubs or bars. Instead, an affectionate dinner with one of the local families will set the tone for the rest of this beautifully intimate tour.

Note: If you want to spend some time out in the evening or early in the morning, beware dogs on the road.

Please be wary if you decide to venture off alone at night, evenings or the early mornings as there are usually dogs on the roads.

Day 2: From Quan Lan to Minh Chau and then to Mang River (B,L)

7.00am – 11.30am: A wonderful, scenic cycling tour begins right after breakfast.

A Scenic Cycling Tour

Beautifully untouched beaches which are eloquently surrounded by immense pine trees will be clearly visible on this ride. You will visit beach of Minh Chau, which is 12 kilometers away, as well as Tram Forest. You will then journey onwards to a lovely spot at the Mang River Wharf, where taking photographs is an absolute must. These beaches offers an unforgettably, exhilarating swimming experience. All of this excitement will definitely have you working up an appetite, whereby you are invited to lunch upon returning to the hotel.

Spectacular Afternoon Activity Options

Choose from any of the three exhilarant options below:

Option 1: Have a relaxing time in the peaceful splendor of Quan Lan, or indulge in refreshing swim at the beach. A Barbeque dinner might just include some uniquely satisfying, local seafood dishes that you can enjoy for the first time.

Option 2: Why not jump on a bike and actively immerse yourself in a classroom with the local students at a nearby high school? This is based on the timetable of the school which can be requested at your leisure. Later in the day we will educate ourselves on the traditional manner in which the local farm house grows their delectable vegetables. We will get our ‘hands dirty’ as part of the cultural experience for those who are keen to experience this growing process.

Option 3: Collect clams or (escargots) snails on the beach or test your skills with some traditional net-fishing.

Now we head back to the hotel for some free leisure time to be enjoyed.

Dependent on the time, we may take a walk to a local family’s residence to make dinner with them. Alternatively, dinner can be enjoyed at the hotel as well. You will not be schooled in the art of traditional cooking, as this is not a ‘cooking master class,’ yet a fully domesticated, immersive, traditional experience. Real lifestyle and cultural stories will be enjoyed in a very calm and peaceful dinner setting.

A Star’s Karaoke Night

For a delightful change of pace and some thrillingly enjoyable amusement, let out your secret inner ‘talents’ after dinner, with a karaoke night. This wonderfully special occasion gives us all the opportunity to experience the local music of Island of Quan Lan. There are so many musical options to choose from, such as: popular hits, local music, and also ‘hits’ in many different languages. All you need to do is enjoy some soft drinks, wine or beers with your new (or old) friends and sing your heart out. We provide the microphone, and you provide the voice of entertainment. Tons of fun will be had. This might even be the perfect opportunity to throw a surprise birthday celebration or event.

Day 3: Quan Lan Island to Hanoi (B,L)

05.30am: For the ‘early riser,’ the local market is definitely an optional ‘must-see’ attraction.

07.30am: A hotel breakfast will be enjoyed before being transported to the port, by either a motorbike, or a tuk-tuk, where a speed boat will be caught.

08.30am: Time to head back to the beautiful island of Van Don (or Ha Long).

10.30am: The bus heads of to Hanoi, where a lunch break will be taken. The return trip to Hanoi will take approximately 5 and a half hours.

16.00pm: Arrival in Hanoi.

Note: We may extend the tour for an extra day for the following attractions to be visited and enjoyed:

  • The Communal House of Quan Lan, which is a dedication to the custodial god of the ancestors who contributed to the establishment of the village. General Tran Khanh Du, who played a major role in the defeat of Mongolian invaders, is also worshipped by the villagers.
  • A shire that will be dedicated to the general – Tran Khanh Du and rebuilt on the premises of his old palace. Damages were sustained to the temple during the 1960s and it has been renovated in 1995. A statue dating back to the 19th Century, Nguyen Dynasty of the general can also be seen here, decorated with lacquered, horizontal boards and traditional Chinese font. This was made in the honor of his heroism.
  • Nghe, which is a smaller temple that was built for the worship and honor of the Pham Brothers. They too offered massive support during the Mongolian invasion of the 13th dynasty
  • The Sand, Gravel, Screen Mesh – Our tour guide will offer great knowledge about the sand mining activities from and during the period of French Colonialism.
  • The historic River of Mang, the National Park of Ba Bun and the Forest of Minh Chau Jamblon – Here we will learn about the victory against the 500 Mongolian vessels in 1288 which were carrying food supplies.

Enjoy some well-deserved leisure time

If you find yourself with a need for some free time, please enjoy one of these three routes of 7-kilometers distances at your own leisure:

  • A glorious footpath which runs along the island’s spine, to the South and over the island’s stunning mountains
  • A gentle rocky coastline which faces the spectacular seas
  • An inland facing jeep trail on the opposite coastline
  • Along with a jeep trail on the opposite coast facing inland.

We sail to the closely situated adjacent island of Thang Loi in the afternoon. Here we will immerse ourselves in the gorgeous surroundings by kayaking for two hours. Overnight accommodation will be enjoyably spent in a spacious bungalow.

Included On This Tour:

  • A local guide, fluent in English for the entire duration of the trip
  • Daily breakfast, lunch included with the accommodation
  • Snail collecting, fishing, gardening…..
  • All relevant permits and entrance fees
  • Shared mini-van transportation
  • Round trip by speed boat – Cai Rong – Island of Quan Lan – Cai Rong
  • Round trips to and from Cai Rong by means of a speed boat.

Excluded On This Tour:

  • Tips, laundry, drinks, and other personal endeavors
  • Meals – besides those which have been listed

Information of Quan Lan island

Being the furthest island out of Ha Long Bay in the archipelago region, not many tourists have the opportunity to crowd this wondrous jewel. This leaves one with open, breathtaking sandy beaches and blissful harmony enjoyed in beautiful serenity.

A unique setting such as this is only enhanced by a pleasantly welcoming community. Calmness is what these lovely individuals exude, yet still entice visitors with captivating costumes, vibrant with the most stunning of colors. Believe that you will embrace the locals just as much as they will eagerly embrace you, while your spirit is being reignited. The historical festival is one that will be enjoyed by all, in a much needed naturalistic setting away from the stresses of the ‘urban jungle.’

Why travel Quan Lan island

Accommodation with a difference

As a supplement to the wonderfully serene environment, the guest houses and hotels of Quan Lan offers a wonderful alternative to rowdy accommodation. These beautifully designed abode’s, have been created to feel like home – warm, cozy and inviting, much like the residents of the island. Minh Chau’s Resort as well as the Ann Hotel, comes highly rated. As a side-note, the hotels are not located near the ocean, as to keep the focus on oneself and one’s partners and families. If an ocean view is what you desire, you may consider upgrading your booking to the Paloma Hotel for only 20 extra US Dollars a night, per room. Breakfast, as well as lunch, will be provided all-inclusive, and dinner has been left open for your own account, to explore the rest of the island.

Transportation as you have never experienced before

Just as vividly as you can imagine the astonishing scenery to be, let us assure you that it truly is. Vast, clear, ocean waters that crash oh so beautifully onto the beautiful sandy shores, with sights only seen in movies, surround you. The crisp white of the waves gently breaking, leaves one astounded. With a very popular electric car, one will never feel isolated. These remarkably interesting rides will have you touring and enjoying the rest that the island has to offer in no time. If you are one that prefers to be more in control, motorbikes are also on offer for hire, as well as bicycles for the ‘green’ conscious.

Local Culture to fall in love with

Historical premise and a strong cultural heritage has been gracefully preserved by the locals of Island of Quan Lan. This can delightfully be seen and experienced in their way of life and deliciously simplistic, seafood dishes. The culturally-based homemade dishes will surely be a taste that you will remember for a long time to come. Cultural interaction is a lovely way to fully immerse oneself into this peaceful experience. Join the locals for an interactive dinner and synergistically exchange wonderful traditions, teachings and popular phrases.

Sporting activities for everyone to enjoy

If water sports sparks a deep excitement within you, you have most definitely come to the right place. Quan Lan brings the stunning ocean waters even closer with kayaking and surfing experiences that will leave you with some of the most exhilarating memories. The crystal clear waters can be enjoyed more intimately with swimming, as the more popular choice.  For the ‘land’ enthusiasts, captivating treks through the primordial Mangroves Forest will be ‘right up your alley.’

How to book this Quan Lan adventure Tour

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It is not possible to book this Quan Lan island adventure directly online and completing this form does not mean your booking has been confirmed. Hanoi Eco Tour travel expert will contact you with a quotation as soon as possible.
You can also call our travel experts on +84 974313104 – Mr David Nguyen (English and Vietnamese to book a trip.
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