Lan Ha Bay tours

Hanoi Eco Tours offer Lan Ha Bay Tours including half day, one day, two days, three days tours with daily departure either from Hanoi or Cat Ba island. This is non-touristic place which is worth a visit. Book Lan Ha Cat Ba bay boat tour with us for memorable experience

Why Lan Ha bay?

  • Quiet, touristy free and cleaner than Halong bay
  • Lots of interesting outdoor activities for adventurers: kayaking, swimming, snorkelling, 
  • Unexplored areas with untouched beaches
  • Visiting the biggest floating villages in Lan Ha Bay
  • Clean water

Why Hanoi Eco Tour ?

We take a good care of you

We only organise a small group or private tour to make sure your experience is unique as well as make sure that the smallest thing will be handed during the tour

We offer a small number of tour but quality

There is an array of choices for cruising Lan Ha bay, We also offer amazing experiences and great outdoor activities to you. 

We support BEFORE, DURING AND AFTER the tour

Everything you need before, during and after the tour, we are happy to give a hand to help. For example, if you need to take a bus to Ninh Binh, we will help you arrange it. 

We are honest

In case of bad weather, the cruise tour will be cancelled. Hanoi Eco Tour will offer you alternatives things to do and understand your expectation before booking the tour to ensure that you are our target clients or not. We DON'T try to sell the tour at all costs

We are experienced

Our founder, David, has been working in tourism industry over 10 years so our itinerary has been well-researched with hand-picked activities. We are not sitting on the table, looking at the map and sell the tour that we have never been before. 

We benefit locals

Some of our Lan Ha bay tours include an overnight stay in a floating village in Lan Ha bay to ensure that you will get an authentic, local living experience: meet locals, eat authentic fresh seafood. Your money stays local because of part of your tour rate benefits the local community 

Commonly asked questions for a Lan Ha bay cruise

Where does the tour start or finish?

The tour start and finish in Hanoi. If you would like to leave for somewhere else like Hai Phong city, we are happy to help.

How to get to Ninh Binh from Hai Phong ?

There are 2 companies offer buses to Ninh Binh, Cat Ba Express and Good Morning Cat Ba. It costs around $15 USD includes ferry, bus. They offer pick up from hotels in Cat Ba, drop off in Tam Coc (Ninh Binh)

Can I choose to stay in Cat Ba town instead of the junk boat?

Of course, you can customize your itinerary as you wish. Or choose to stay 1 night on board and 1 night in Cat Ba island

Can I include trekking the national park in the trip?

We do offer the tours which takes you trek in long journey 4 hours from Cat Ba national park via Frog lake to Viet Hai village, which is the longest trekking route in the national park area. After that, you can choose to stay in either Viet Hai village or a homestay in a floating village or a hotel in Cat Ba town

How much does a Lan Ha bay tour cost?

Day trip from Hanoi : $75 USD per person

2 days 1 night onboard in an overnight cruise : $130 to $250 USD depending on what type of cruises : 3,4 or 5 stars

2 days 1 night private tour :  Trekking in the national park with a overnight stay in a homestay in a floating village in Lan Ha bay : $273 USD per person

3 days 2 nights onboard on an overnight cruise : Double the price of the 2 days 1 night trip

3 days 2 night trip : one night on an overnight cruise and 01 night in a hotel in Cat Ba town : $300 USD per person

Is Cat Ba island and Lan Ha bay family-friendly trip?

Yes, it is. Fun, educational and great outdoor activities

Is Cat Ba trekking tour right for a family with 2 years old kid?

No, it isn't. It is challenge trekking trip so we recommend traveling with kids over 6 years old 

Why Lan Ha bay tours is higher than Halong bay?

  • Travelling on freeways but comfortable with high toll fee
  • Hiring a boat in Lan Ha bay with less choice we often pay 40% extra for boat services than Halong bay!
  • We provide tour guide, local guide for trekking during the trip
  • Our tours are either private or small group 

Can we choose where to stay?

Plenty of choices

  • Hotel in Cat Ba
  • Monkey Island Resort
  • A homestay in a floating village in Lan Ha Bay
  • Homestay in Viet Hai village

Is this tour budget-friendly for backpackers?

No, it isn't. The tour starts and finishes in Hanoi so we need to pay lots of expenses from food, accommodation, transfer, entrance fee. Backpacking travellers should go to Cat Ba island and travel around on your own which is cheaper

Halong Bay castaway is a good choice for backpackers

Which activities can I do in Cat Ba island and Lan Ha bay?

  • Trekking through the national park
  • Jumping off the boat for swimming
  • Hanging out on the private beach
  • Camping on an island
  • Snorkelling 
  • Sightseeing

What to do in Hai Phong in 4 hours

  • Visit Du Hang pagoda
  • Learn at Hai Phong museum
  • Short trek to Elephant mountain in the countryside of An Lao
  • Wander around the local market

How to go from Hai Phong to Sapa?

There is no direct way to get to Sapa. What you should do is to head back Hanoi then take an overnight train or a bus to Sapa

What to do in Hai Phong at night?

There is a lots of local hawkers tall along Hang Kenh street where lots of locals having dinner at night. 

On the other hands, there is an array of pubs : Mya bar, New Face, King Club

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