Responsible Travel

Responsible Travel

Responsible Travel and Sustainable Tourism with Hanoi Eco Tour

Hanoi Eco Tours are 100% committed to responsible travel and sustainable tourism whereby we make a low impact on the environment and culture of local people and generate employment for communities. This unique way to travel provides the traveller with an authentic experience that benefits the local community in many ways. We are experts in responsible travel to Vietnamese communities with a wide knowledge of local customs, the environment and the people.

Part of our commitment to sustainable tourism includes our challenge to keep our business environmentally friendly. We confine our advertising to the internet to keep our paper usage to a minimum. Our electricity usage is also reduced by limiting air conditioning to truly necessary occasions.

When arranging travel in Hanoi we eat at local restaurants to enjoy local cuisine and have our travellers stay in guesthouses and organise home-stay arrangements. Who better knows their own region and can give detailed accounts of their own history and culture than the people themselves? We also encourage the purchase of locally made souvenirs, injecting much needed cash into the Vietnamese economy. This allows our guests to experience responsible travel first hand. The money lets the Vietnamese people continue to practice their traditional crafts and improves their lives immensely. Another highlight of your holiday would be the option to participate in humanitarian activities. If you are interested in this please let us know.

Below are a few tips to truly immerse you in your responsible travel experience:

Clothing – The local culture respects modest dress and, as such, you should wear clothing covering your knees and shoulders. Skimpy clothing is found to be disrespectful and should be avoided.

Photography – Asking permission to take photos of locals is a must. Photos may be allowed but not footage. If in doubt, please ask our coordinator to help communicate.

Gifts – If you wish to give gifts to the children, talk to your tour guide. School supplies such as pencils, books, rulers and colouring supplies are always useful and can be arranged through school teachers. Please do not give gifts of food, especially treats, as the locals don’t have the same dental hygiene.

Language – Learning a few words of Vietnamese breaks down barriers and allows you to truly interact with the locals to learn their nature. Locals are delighted that you have made the effort to get to know part of their culture.

If you follow these hints you should make the sustainable tourism experience most enjoyable for both yourself and the locals. It is our goal at Hanoi Eco Tours to ensure this is one holiday you will never forget.

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