Ba Ham lake – A hidden paradise in Lan Ha bay

Ba Ham Lake is the hidden paradise in the Lan Ha Bay area. Ba Ham lake includes 3 big lakes connecting via caves. 

It’s considered an off-the-beaten-track destination in the Lan Ha Bay area which is less traveled but the scenery is incredible.

What’s so special about Ba Ham lake

  • Untouched natural beauty
  • Off the beaten track
  • Quiet and peaceful

Where it is located and how to get there

Ba Ham Lake area is located in the Dau Be island area, a 2-hour boat trip from Cat Ba. You can only visit the lake either by kayaking or taking a sampan boat ride. 

The entrance to the first cave is a 150-meter-long, 10-meter-wide limestone cave, entrance to the second cave is 60 meters long. The second is the biggest lake with 1000 square meters. From the first lake, going through the cave on the left about 60 meters to reach the third cave which is 600 square meters. 

Feelings to visit Ba Ham lake

The lake is surrounded by amazing towering limestone mountains with a tranquil setting area, you can hear the birds singing, the gentle sound of the kayak paddling. There are some big open space, but some pretty narrow entrances which makes an interesting kayaking adventure.

Fauna and flora of Ba Ham lake

Ba Ham Lake is home to a hundred species of fauna and flora. There are some special species such as Paphiopedilum concolor (Bateman) is a small terrestrial orchid, Halong palm (Livistona halongensis), Ha Long Sago (Cycas tropophylla ). You can also see weasels, squirrels, monkeys and other species of birds…

How to visit Ba Ham Lake with a Lan Ha Bay boat tour

If you take a private day boat tour from Lan Ha Bay ask the cruise operator to include Ba Ham Lake in the tour itinerary. Please note that it has to be a full-day tour since it takes 2 hours from the mainland of Cat Ba to get to Ba Ham lake. 

Very few small group Lan Ha Bay tours from Cat Ba include Ba Ham Lake in their itineraries. 

You can also book a 3-day 2-night boat tour in Lan Ha Bay that includes Ba Ham Lake for the second-day tour. 

Please note that visiting Ba Ham Lake depends on the tide. It isn’t possible to visit the lake even with a kayak during the high tide. 

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