Solo traveller guide in Hanoi Vietnam

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Hanoi is known as the capital of Vietnam. This city is a must for traveller in Vietnam. This article is everything you need to know as a solo traveller in Vietnam includes what to do in Hanoi for solo traveller, where to eat, how to get around. A great city to explore as a solo traveller because it is safe and easy to get round. Hanoi has everything for a solo traveller such as great local food supply, rich history, fascinating culture, interesting nightlife and many more. 

1.Hanoi is a pretty safe

It is very safe to get around Hanoi, even walk in the Old Quarter on your own in the evening. On the other hand, Hanoi is busy all the time so there is always someone around you. 

2. Easy to get around

As a tourists, you can you BEE or Grab to get around the city either by motorbike or car. They offer English interface so it is very easy to use. If you departs from the hotels, ask the reception to order a taxi for you which is also reliable. Be aware that there is taxi scam you should avoid when going on your own outside the hotel. 

3. What to do in Hanoi for solo traveller

If you have time, take 2 days to explore the city. Wandering around busting Old Quarter of Hanoi with tons of restaurants, shops, cafes and so on. Don’t forget to check out Dong Xuan market which is known as the biggest whole sale market in Hanoi and a food market with fresh meat, seafood, spices and so on is great to check out in the afternoon. 

For nightlife, walk around the famous Hoan Kiem lake and check out Beer coner at Ta Hien street. If you are staying during the weekend from Friday to Sunday evening, visit night market and experience chaos of busting Old Quarter where family with kids hanging out, music performance, dancing and many more. 

If you like countryside, book Wet rice tour in rural Hanoi to learn hands-on farming experience such as plowing with cow, planting rice, cooking with locals, biking rural path and more 

4. Great attractions to see in Hanoi 

Women museum 

Hanoi Women museum – a fascinating museum about Vietnamese women

Located in 36 Ly Thuong Kiet street, 20 minutes walk from Hanoi Old Quarter, a great museum showcase what Vietnamese women has contributed for this country during two resistance war against French and America

Infamous Hanoi Hilton 

Infamous Hanoi Hilton – The place captured Prison of War

Built in 1896 by French colonial to capture Vietnamese political prisoners and later used by Viet Cong for POW (prison of war) who were American pilots including famous American John Mccain. This is a great museum to check out during your stay in Hanoi

Temple of Literature 

Founded in 1070 as a tribute to Confucius and his disciples  and is a popular spot for locals and tourists alike and also known as the first national university of Vietnam built in 1076 at the same complex.

The temple offers beautiful gardens with tons of bonsai trees and flowers. You can also see students take photos before their graduation sometime. Of course, it’s a great spots for photographers. 

Tips : If you want to avoid the big crowd, visit the temple at 8.20am or 5.00pm.

Ho Chi Minh complex

The world renowned mausoleum for the famous Vietnam leader, a very impressive building. You can also check out Presidential Palace, his maintained garden and house on still

Tips : The mausoleum closes on Monday and Friday. Short shorts, mini-skirts, sleeveless shirts, tank tops and so on are not allowed. It sometime takes time for a long queue to see the mausoleum. 

Museum of Ethnology

Museum of Ethnology – A great museum to learn about overview of Ethnic group in Vietnam

No trip in Hanoi could be completed without a visit to this fascinating museum of Museum of Ethnology, which showcases local life, culture and history of 54 different ethnic groups in Vietnam. Take a walk among traditional houses of different tribes is a great way to learn about their way of life.

Tips : Before taking a trip to mountainous region like Mai Chau, Sapa, Bac Son valley, Ha Giang, you should check out this museum. 

The museum closed on Monday. There is also an outdoor water puppet show at the museum, if you don’t have time to see the one near Hoan Kiem lake then it is an alternative choice. 

Ngoc Son temple

Situated on an island the middle of Hoan Kiem lake, connected to the main land by a Red bridge. The temple is dedicated to three Chinese Gods : Scholar Van Xuong, La To (patron saint of physicians) and Quan Cong (a Chinese general). Also the temple is delicated to General Tran Hung Dao who defeated Mongolians in 13rd century and known as Napoleon in Vietnam.

This temple offers some of great spots for taking cool photos with lake view. It is also walking distance from Hanoi Old Quarter

Railway hamlet

It is off the beaten path, away from the famous train street with hundred of tourists, at the end of Kham Thien street near Le Duan street. 

It is very unique that people live in such a dangerous spots due to accident’s thereat but lots of families have been living here for years. Within 500 meters long, but it is great to see a mixture in term of architecture : old, new design of houses.

Hanoi Creative City

A place for the young in hanoi

Fed up with temples and pagodas, Hanoi Creative city is the perfect choice for the young, a complex consist of all type of entertainment such as fashion stores, game center and restaurants…This is a great place for cool photo shoot among creative design.

5. Where to eat for solo traveller in Hanoi

Vietnamese cuisine is amazing with various type of yummy dishes. Here is the list of must-try Hanoi cuisine

World famous Pho – Vietnamese noodle soup 

Where to try Pho in Hanoi

Pho Thin 13 Lo Duc street : Known as the best beef pho in Hanoi. Pay first, get your seat and they will bring it to you.

Pho Thin – A well-known Pho in Hanoi for years

Pho Suong at Trung Yen alley way : Located in a tiny alleyway, it sometime hard to find. Tasty broth and good noodle. Don’t forget to add some rice vinegar and pickled garlic

A good noodle pho soup in the alleyway of Old Quarter

Pho 10 Ly Quoc Su : If you are looking a good, clean place with tourist standrad to eat beef Pho then it is a good choice. The restaurant is quite busy, you sometime have to stay in a few for 10 to 15 minutes. 

Best noodle soup for those who like eating in a clean place

A bowl of Pho soup ranges from $2.5 to $3.5 USD

Banh Mi – Vietnamese baguette

Where to try Banh Mi in Hanoi

Chain of Bami Bread at 98 Hang Bac st : One the best Bami in Hanoi Old Quarter with special sauce. A chicken sandwich is recommended to try

Banh Mi 25 at 25 Hang Ca st : What makes it special is outdoor bench for people to sit and watch the traffic. On the other hand, beer, smoothies, juice. They do have option for vegan and vegetarian.

Banh Mi 25 – The most famous Banh Mi shop in Hanoi Old town

A Banh Mi costs around $1 to $2 USD

Bun Cha – Vietnamese grilled pork with rice noodle

Where to try Bun Cha in Hanoi

Bun Cha Dac Kim at 01 Hang Manh st : Another place not to missed if you want to try Bun Cha. Grilled pork is served with rice noodle and fresh herb. It is a bit of oily but flavorful. You are recommended to order some sea crab spring roll

A place not to missed for Bun Cha in Hanoi. Bun Cha Dac Kim

Bun Cha at Lane 74 Hang Quat street : If you want to try an authentic Bun Cha, then it is your choice. This place is only famous among locals

Bun Cha at 41 Cua Dong street : Another choice for Bun Cha lover, the portion is big but dipping sauce is a bit sweet.

A portion of Bun Cha is from $2.5 to $3.5 USD

Cha Ca – Grilled fish with tumeric and dill

Where to try Cha Ca in Hanoi

Cha Ca Thang Long for must-try Cha Ca dish in Hanoi

Cha Ca Thang Long : 21 Duong Thanh : Good service, awesome food! Only $7 per portion. There are also lots of Vietnamese eating here. Weekend nights seems to be busy.

Banh Cuon – Vietnamse steamed rice roll with pork and wood ear mushroom

Where to try Banh Cuon in Hanoi

A very yummy street food in Hanoi

Banh Cuon Thanh Van at 14 Hang Ga : Known as the best Banh Cuon in town, it is tasty when enjoying with a bowl of dipping sauce

6. Where to drink in Hanoi

Here is some of the best cafes in Hanoi

+ Cafe Dinh at 13 Dinh Tien Hoang : Located in a hidden alleyway, on the second floor, the Dinh cafe is a great to try famous egg coffee with nice decoratic. You are sitting on a small chair like a baby.

+ Tranquil book and cafe at 05 Nguyen Quang Bich street: Tranquil settings with good cafe, a good place for readers. 

+ Hanoi cafe house at 47A Ly Quoc Su street : A nice quiet local place. Central and full of history

Costs : $1 to $3 USD

7. Where to stay in Hanoi

There is tons of choice for hotels in Hanoi based on your budget. Here is some of the best hotels based on catalogue

Luxury hotels in Hanoi French Quarter

Sofitel Metropole Legend

Hanoi Hilton 

Hotel de l’opera hanoi

Luxury hotels in Hanoi Old Quarter

Apricot hotel

Deluxe hotels in Hanoi

Lapis hotel



Rex hotel

Silk queen hotel

Pearl hotel

The Chi boutique hotel

The Jade hotel Hanoi

Superior hotels in Hanoi

Noble boutique hotel 

Boss Legend hotel

Essense hotel Hanoi

Oriental central hotel Hanoi

8. Common questions about travelling solo in Hanoi

Is it safe to walk around Hanoi Old Quarter at night?

Yes, it is. No matter to walk around at night, there’s a lots of people around you.

Is Hanoi safe for solo female traveller? 

It is very safe, I can tell. The man smiles at you and turn around fast. THey are respectful.

Scams in Hanoi

Pine apple ladies with bamboo carrying pole

Shoe shine scam 

Donuts lady : giving one to you and ask you to buy more.

Richsaw ride : They may overcharge if you go your own without going with a tour guide

Taxi scam : Taxi metter offer a ride at overcharged price. Look for some reliable taxi like Taxi group or Mai Linh or Grab is a great choice with an app. 

Short break for female solo traveller in 2 days

Ninh Binh, Mai Chau

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We hope this Hanoi solo traveller guide will help you some ways to plan a trip when travelling solo in Hanoi

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