Rice field Mai Chau valley through the time

Mai Chau valley is not only known as the place of beautiful natural place, but it is also famous for the beauty of rice field through the time.

Check out the amazing photos of Mai Chau valley view with rice fields from the beginning to the harvest seasons. You’ll find how incredible view of Mai Chau is through period of time in a year. Travel Mai Chau without a camera is a missing because there are lots of things which you want to take. There is also countless photo opportunities for photographers, photo lover, couples….

Stunning view of Mai Chau rice field via photos

Mai Chau valley view

Mai Chau valley panoramic view

From top of mountain, you can see a green valley of Mai Chau where wet rice is growing

Farmers in Mai Chau

A man working on his rice field in Mai Chau, VIetnam

In order to have good rice harvest, land must be dig and crushed, mixed in the water with fertilizer

Mai Chau green rice field

Green rice paddy field in Mai Chau with stunning view

The young rice field after two months growing, it will be green beautiful, and Vietnamese often compare it with the girl in the age of 17.

Yellow rice field in Mai Chau

Rice field in Mai Chau

The rice field will change from green to yellow. it is the sign of rice harvest is coming soon

Rice harvest season in Mai Chau

Mai Chau in the rice harvest season

Rice harvest season

Farmes harvesting rice in Mai Chau

Rice harvest season In Mai Chau

Farmers harvesting wet rice on the field

Finally, my advice is to get involved with local farmers by joining hands-on activities of harvesting or planting rice with local farmers to experience as a real rice farmer because there’s only a few time in a year when you can do that.

Best time to see rice paddies in Mai Chau valley

Remember to travel Mai Chau in right time to see its incredible beauty of rice paddy, people working in the field, water buffalo and so son. May and October is the best time for harvest season. February and August to see lush green rice field. There are two crops in a year so that there’s are two period of time which is good for photos hunters.

Late May and September for yellow rice paddies with rice harvest season in Mai Chau

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