Mai Chau Vietnam – Awesome mountain area for taking cool photos

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Mai Chau Vietnam – a great place to come and recharge your soul via Photos

Nestled within the mountains of  Hoa Binh province, Mai Chau Vietnam , a great place for taking cool photos, is a small rural town known for its beauty, as well as being a settlement of the ethnic Thai people. Four hours from Hanoi, Mai Chau is a timeless village where rice paddies, Thai-styled creaky wooden stilt homes, and old-fashioned traditions are the norm. Far from the hustle and bustle of the city, we were able to get a glimpse into, not only rural life in Vietnam, but also a unique perspective of the history and traditions of the Tai culture (often spelled “Thai”, much to the confusion of Westerners since they bear no connection to the people of Thailand).

See some of the Mai Chau photos


From the top of mountain you can have a panorama of Mai Chau with green valley surrounded by mountains


Cycling off the beaten track


In general, most of houses on stilt in Maichau is located at the foot of  the mountain near rice field.


A commual room for sleeping and welcoming visitors, you can stay in here with comfort as well as taste local style.


Tranditional dance performance is one of the features in Mai Chau


The local food is delicious. All made from fresh  ingredients  available in the village.

Rural market  is the place where people mainly purchase clothes and foods. All the traditional style of clothes can by seen in the market


Sometimes, you can try on traditional clothes is their own style and take some photos for memory


The game call “Tie your hand together”  welcomes all visitor to join in. It will be a great fun as well as  and make friendship among people


On the way  to the village, sometimes, you can see water wheel bringing water from the stream. It is a special machine that local people make it based on the flow of stream; the machine will automatically carry water from the stream to the pine-water. And water will be carried to home by this line.


Cow or buffalo around or under the bamboo of the village is a familiar image not only in the rural area of Vietnam but also in Mai Chau.


A 1000 steps to the entrance of a cave in Maichau


Natural limestone cave with a numerous stalagmites and stalactites

Travel Mai Chau Vietnam for the very best hill tribal experience , eat tasty local foods in Mai Chau, enjoy Xoe dance performance, sleep overnight on a stilt house, biking around the village, trekking to remote village and taking Mai Chau Photo which is a lifetime experience.

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