Mai Chau valley – Best Photos, Picture Shoots

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See high quality, very best photos, pictures and images shot in Mai Chau valley includes Mai Chau street photography, local cuisines in Mai Chau valley, sightseeing places in Mai Chau and things to do in Mai Chau valley with 3 hour drive from Hanoi. Mai Chau valley an ideal destination to explore pictures natural beauty and fascinating local culture, traveling off the beaten track and less touristy than Sapa

Mai Chau valley Street photography

A lady walking home from work in Mai Chau

A local guy carry harvested rice on his scooter to home

Kids playing badminton in Mai Chau

FIshing in a local fish pond in Mai Chau

Kids hanging out in Mai Chau

A local dam in Mai Chau in a rainny season


Two women in Mai Chau going to the local market


A local woman picking some vegetables in Mai Chau


Scooter ride in Mai Chau area

Local food in Mai Chau

An authentic lunch provided by a homestay in Mai Chau with yummy local food

terrace sticky rice mai chau


Grilled fish in Mai Chau


Free ran chicken on the hill in Mai Chau


bbq pork skewer mai chau


Com Lam : bamboo tube sticky rice mai chau

Accommodation in Mai Chau Photos

Mai Chau Eco Lodge – Luxury accommodation in Mai Chau

Things to do in Mai Chau photos

There’s a tons of things to do and activities for tourists in Mai Chau area. Check it out over here

Thai traditional dance by local women

Local pathway in Mai Chau


Cycling is a fun thing to do in Mai Chau area


Cycling around Mai Hich village, Mai Chau


Cycling off the beaten path in Mai Chau


Traditional dance with tourists in Mai Chau

What to see in Mai Chau valley

See some of the best pictures of the landscape in Mai Chau valley and explore what to see in mai Chau

Water wheel in Mai Chau


Suspension bridge in Mai Hich area, Mai Chau


Terrace green paddy fields in Mai Chau area


A coner of the way to Van village


Green rice paddy field in Mai Chau valley


Panoramic view from the flag pole of Mai Chau valley


Bamboo range in Mai Chau which is known as a land of bamboo for building a house on stilt

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