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Duong Lam village travelling questions

Duong Lam village – Questions and Answers by Locals

You will see top frequently asked questions about travelling Duong Lam ancient village by a local guide, who has been working in tourism industry in Vietnam over 10 years

Duong Lam ancient village is getting popular among choices for day trip from Hanoi

Because it takes only 1.5 hour from Hanoi and a good escape from the hustle and bustle of Hanoi. There are lots of things to do and see if you know the place at its best. Recently, I have read reviews on Trip Advisor about Duong Lam village, what I found a few negative comments which said there was nothing to do in Duong Lam village apart from the Communal house

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Duong Lam village travel tips

Duong Lam ancient village questions and answers in terms of travelling

How can I travel to Duong Lam village from Hanoi?

There is lots of ways to get to Duong Lam village such as local bus, public bus, Grab, taxi, private car and motorbike. To me, the best way for a visitor like you is to travel by a private car arranged by the hotel or guest house’s staff in Hanoi. Honestly, round trip grab isn’t cheaper than going by a private car. For sure, the driver with a private car is more experienced than the taxi’s driver. He has been to the village lots of times. It costs around $55 USD for a private car. 

How much is for entrance fee to Duong Lam village?

20.000VND per person. You can buy it at the old gate of Mong Phu with the ticket booth. There is also another one at the new gate of Duong Lam. But I do recommend to get it in the old gate for your convenience. 

Can you visit Duong Lam village as an overnight trip from Hanoi?

There’s an elephant in a room

There’s a lot of opinions about it. Most travelers prefer taking a day trip as it is only 40 miles from Hanoi. However, staying overnight in the village is to experience a deeper understanding of local livings. There are several homestays available. For a comfortable stay, Moon Garden Homestay in Ky Son village nearby is a good choice

How long does it take from Hanoi to Duong Lam village?

60 kilometres (40 miles) from Hanoi to Duong lam which takes 1.5 hours followed by the national way No 32 via Son Tay town

When is the harvest season in Duong Lam village?

The rice harvest season in Duong Lam village curs in June and October 

Is Free wifi available in Duong Lam village?

No, it isn’t. You can get it in some places such as cafes, ancient houses only. When travelling Vietnam, getting a 4G sim card values at $10 USD for unlimited internet connection.

Is Duong Lam village safe for traveling with kids?

It’s safe to travel with kids in Duong Lam. Only ask the kids to walk on the right-hand side when strolling around the village

What is so special about the ancient houses in Duong lam village?

Lots of them are over 300 years old house made of jackfruit wood available in the village and its wall is made of mud and laterite

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Which ancient houses to visit and which one is the oldest?

  • Mr Nguyen Van Hung’s : The oldest one in the village since 1649
  • Mr Ha Nguyen Huyen
  • Mrs Ha Thi Dien
  • Mrs Duong Thi Lan
  • Mrs Ha Huu The

What is the special food in Duong Lam? 

Free ran mia chicken – Local speciality in Duong Lam village
Nuoc Tuong – Soya bean paste a Duong Lam speciality
Che Kho (Vietnam Mung Bean Pudding)
BBQ pork skewer in Bamboo tube
Che Lam (Vietnamese nutty ginger sticky rice bars)
Keo Doi (Sausage peanut candy)
Banh Te (Rice Flour cake)
Keo Lac (Vietnamese Peanut Candy)

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How much is a set-menu lunch cost and where to eat?

$10 USD per person without a drink. Sample menu includes 

+ Deep fried spring roll

+ Pumpkin soup

+ Stir-fried bean sprout with spring onion

+ Rice liquor

+ Fresh fruits for dessert

+ Steam rice

+zucchini soup

+ Fried chicken

Mr Hung and Mr Huyen’s ancient house are choices for lunch. Please go to the communal house and ask for the direction to get to their houses. 

Should I take a bike ride to explore the village?

Why not, ride a bike at around $2.5 USD per bike and get around. You can also go from the village to see two king temples of Phung Hung and Ngo Quyen, which is 2.5 kilometres from the village

What to see in Duong Lam village?

  • Mong Phu commual house
  • Mia pagoda
  • Ancient houses of Mr Hung, Mr Huyen, Mr The, Mrs Duong Thi Lan, Mrs Ha Thi Dien
  • King Ngo Quyen and King Phung Hung temple

Budget for travelling Duong Lam village?

Private car rental : $55 USD

Entrance fee : $1 per person

Set menu lunch: $10 USD per person. There is something light you can eat at the hawker stalls in the village which is way cheaper than a set-menu lunch

What is the dress code when visiting local temples and ancient house?

Don’t wear shorts or sleeves when visiting sacred places such as temples, pagodas…

Should I get a guide for the village ?

Honestly, this is the best way to explore the village and gain a deeper understanding of its culture, tradition. You can also use him as a translator when having a conversation with locals

What is cool things to do in Duong Lam ?

Having a hair cut in a local hair salon with a good price too. From the wet market, go straight to the direction of the new village gate. There are a few of them there.

Should I leave some money when visiting the ancient house?

You are recommended to leave small changes from 20k to 50k when paying a visit to an ancient house in Duong Lam village

Is Duong Lam village good for photography?

Yes, the village is a well-known place for wedding photography, street photography. In the wedding season from Oct to Jan, there are Vietnamese couples getting there for their wedding photos. 

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