Top 8 must-try food in Duong Lam ancient village

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Authentic Lunch in Duong Lam village

Vietnamese cuisine varies by region. Duong Lam ancient village have its own list of unique local specialties. Check out the very best local specialities and where to eat in Duong Lam. We also offer private foodie tour of Duong Lam ancient village takes you to hidden local eateries only knowns by locals and you aren’t able to find it in any other tours. Check out 8 must-try food and dishes in Duong Lam village

Free ran mia chicken – Local speciality in Duong Lam village

Mia Freeran chicken in Duong Lam village

I do recommend this dish for those who like chewy meats, especially Asian touristy. It skins is bright yellow color, thin but crunchy. This is a type of free ran chicken raised in the garden. They can eat lots of stuff such as vegetables, fruits, rice, corn etc… so it is a type of organic meat. In the old days, it was offered to the king. Mia chicken is a very unique dish to Duong Lam village and locals said that it represents weathy for the family.

Note : Vietnamese do like boiled chicken but Westerners can take a dish of fried chicken.

Nuoc Tuong – Soya bean paste a Duong Lam speciality

Soya bean pasten making Duong Lam @Duc Bui Viet

No one in Duong Lam has any idea when the first soy sauce was made in the village. “Before I was born,” you might hear. But it’s been around for many generations.

Soy sauce is made from glutinous rice, soybeans, corn and salt. It’s made using stone mortars, copper pans, steamers, frying pans, baskets and jars. Soy sauce makers choose their materials very carefully. They make soy sauce mostly in May and June because this is optimum soy sauce making weather. Duong Lam villagers continue to make soy sauce by hand and for them rainwater is a necessary ingredient.
Soy sauce is used with almost every meal eaten in Duong Lam village Vietnam. People dip their boiled water morning-glory, meat and just about every kind of food in it. It’s also brushed on fish when they are fried. Soy sauce is a necessary ingredient of many traditional Duong Lam dishes. The villagers are proud of their soy sauce and they love making it so much.

Che Kho (Vietnam Mung Bean Pudding)

Mung Bean Pudding – Che Kho – Duong Lam village

If you are a fan of sweet, why don’t you try a mung bean pudding, a very common dish in Duong Lam sold in lots of hawker stalls around Mong Phu Communal house. It is also a common desert for Vietnamese. Che Kho is made of steamed mung bean, roasted sesame seed, vanilla extract, salt and sugar.

Firstly, wash the mung bean in cold water by swirling. Repeat it for a few time until the water is clear. Soaking the mung bean for almost 2 hours then add them in a big pot with salt.

Secondly , Cook in 45 minutes. After that, add more Add the sugar and vanilla extract.

Thirdly, Transfer the pudding into shallow bowls and add some roasted sesame seed of top of it. Then enjoy it.

BBQ pork skewer in Bamboo tube

Roasted pork with Bamboo tube in Duong Lam village

Duong Lam village is famous for its cruchy roasted pork with unique flavor. In order to make a good taste, you must choose fresh pork belly with thick skin and not too fat. You feel super cruchy of the pork skin, golden brown and full of guava leaf flavor.

Let’s enjoy a dish of roasted pork from Duong Lam village

Roasted pork Duong Lam

Che Lam (Vietnamese nutty ginger sticky rice bars)

Che Lam Vietnamese-nutty ginger sticky rice bars Duong Lam process @Vn Express

There are lots of places in Vietnam making Che Lam but unique taste of Che lam in Duong lam from red melon and pandan leaf. The unique way to make it dated back a few hundred years ago.

The main ingredient includes

  • roasted sticky rice flour
  • malt
  • Red melon
  • Pandan leaves
  • brown sugar
  • molasses
  • salt
  • fresh ginger
  • roasted peanuts
  • a little roasted glutinous flour(to make powder coat)

6 easy steps to make Che Lam

Step 1 : Peeling the ginger and cut it into small pices
Step 2 : Add some molasses, malt, brown sugar in the pot, then simmer, stir well until the sugar is dissolved.  Please note that you shouldnt stir too long because the sugar is flammable. Add some salt, grated ginger, stir well.
Step 3 : Add roasted glutinous rice flour, stir well until it form a solid dough . The heat will be turned off.
Step 4 : Cutting board to prepare powder coat for kneading dough or sprinkle some flour on the surface,
Step 5 : Place the flour on top of the powder coat, add some roasted peanuts, make peanuts stick to the dough, keep adding peanuts, roasted sesame seeds and stuff until all peanuts are added. The time for kneading is around 5 minutes. To stop hardening the dough you should not knead long.
Step 6 : You may use your hand to shape a square dough, or press the dough into the mold. Cut the dough into small pieces using a knife

Note : The best way to enjoy Che Lam with a cup of fresh green tea to make harmony of its taste not too sweet.

Che Lam Duong Lam @Zing

Keo Doi (Sausage peanut candy)

Sausage peanut Candy in DUong Lam village

One of local specality in Duong Lam. Hien bao workshop near Mia pagoda, making this delicious food. It is easy to find these ingredients such as peanut, malt and sugar. The procedure to make the cake is the most significant, the sweets producer should be solid to mix the blend. On the off chance that the sweets creator mixes gradually, the cake might be scorched. In the wake of completing, the cake will be rolling, however, glutinous rice flour to make the spread for the cake. Appreciating the Sausage peanut candy, you might feel the nutty kind of the nut, the fragrant of the glutinous rice flour, and enjoy with some green tea will make it more flavorful.

Banh Te (Rice Flour cake)

Rice Flour cake in Duong Lam village

Its ingredients to make “Banh Te”  are plain nourishments such as  Plain rice, pork, wood ear mushrooms, onion, flavors and phrynium or banana leaves.

4 easy steps to make Banh Te

Step 1 : Soak the rice into cold water until it is swollen. The doused rice is ground into flour and drenched again for a few days.

Step 2 :  named “drying flour”, the flour is bubbled up to be thicker progressively glutinous and mixed consistently that makes the flour delicate, smooth, not over-cooked.

Step 3 : Making cake fillings. Chosen pork stomach is slashed with shallots; wood ear mushrooms is drenched, washed and cut. Those fixings are blended, seasoned, included pepper and afterward pan-seared.

Step 4 : Wrapping cake. A little dense flour is taken to sprinkle on the phrynium, the fillings is taken care of above flour stratum and squeezed for it to be shrouded by flour fit as a fiddle. The leaves are moved up, binded by bamboo string and steamed in a steamer. The cake tastes most scrumptious when it is eaten following taken from steamer. Unwrapping the cake, we will find the snow-white cake inside, spreading fragrance of sauce and tad pepper.

“Bánh tẻ” is a plain tasteful endowment of country. Individuals utilize a blade to cut it into little pieces, put in a plate and enjoy with black pepper and  fish sauce. You might fell a harmony of heaven and earth, the oily taste of fillings, the fragrance of pepper and shallot. The cake can be made for breakfast.

Keo Lac (Vietnamese Peanut Candy)

Peanut candy in Duong Lam

The candy is a piece of Vietnamese culture, it is a blessing showed up in our day by day lives and is considered as a significant present for visitors normally on the grounds that it is one of our best Vietnamese food culture

Common asked questions about food in Duong Lam village

Where can we have lunch with Vietnamese food in Duong Lam village?

There are several ancient houses offers food service for visitors such as Mr Hung’s, Mr Huyen’s, Mrs Ha Thi Dien’s , Mr The’s . There are also two places near Duong Lam communal house if you would like something light to eat

How to book a food tour in Duong Lam village?

Please contact us via email at for arranging a food tour to enjoy the very best local food in Duong Lam village

How much will it costs for a set menu lunch in an ancient house?

$10 to $12 USD per person for food only. Drink will be paid extra

Where can I try these local foods?
Some of the dishes such as Che Lam, Che Kho, Keo Lac are easily found in little hawker stalls near the Communal house

What can a vegetarian eat in Duong Lam village?

The best way is to arrange a set menu lunch with vegetarian option. You can also eat Che Lam, Che Kho as the specialities in Duong Lam village

Is there any cafe in Duong Lam village?
There is a place called “Cafe Lang” on the way from the commual house to Mia Pagoda

We hope this article of local food in Duong Lam help you some ways to learn in-depth knowledge about local cuisine in Duong Lam village . Hanoi Eco Tours also provide you with unique foodie tour Duong Lam village and Duong Lam village tour with a local guide

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