Vietnam food culture


Steamed rice – A popular Vietnam food culture of an agriculture country

Steamed Rice is used for worshipping in a lots of Vietnamese pagodas and temples. People said that it originates from the Mother Godness Worshipping, the most long–standing belief in Vietnam. Rice is really important to Vietnam. The very first written characters constituting the word “Happiness” in ancient Vietnamese is the image of many rice plants and a square symbolizing a paddy field. Rice  means a lot to Vietnamese, it show happiness . When talking of Vietnam food culture, we can’t mention it.

Snacks and lots of dishes in Vietnam is made from such as as rice noodle soup (Pho), steamed rice roll with mince pork and black fungus (Banh Cuon), well-known square sticky rice cake (Banh Trung)

Vietnamese has developed lots of new farming method and its new genres in order to make good productivity. Vietnam is known as the second biggest rice exporter country in the world with over eleven million tons per year

A bowl of fish sauce or dipping sauce is quite common in a rice meal

A bowl of fish sauce is a must in every meal of a Vietnamese family. All family members all dip boiled vegetables in one bowl of fish sauce which is put in the heart of the tray. Without a doubt, fish sauce is an important things in Vietnam food culture. Vietnamese eats lots of fresh herbs, vegetables and fresh water food living on the rice field, river and canal such as fish, shrimp, crab. We eats lot of boil and steamed dishes so a bowl of fish sauce for dipping is a must. There are numerous type of sauces, are different from regions to regions but fish sauce is unique to Vietnam food culture

Vietnam is a country of snack paradise

Vietnamese eat snacks in their free time with various type boiled cassava, corn, peanuts, sweet potato etc… You may try them at home or hawker food stalls on the side walk.

There is a plenty of weird things if you are dare to taste. For example, balut, boiled snail, Vietnamese raw blood pudding awaits.

Culture of having meal in Vietnam

There are four main dishes in a common meal is vegetable, soup (it is a broth from boiled vegetable or with vegetable), steamed rice and meat or fish. We serve all dishes at the the same time which is different from Western culture by serving one by one dish. Vietnamese also uses chopsticks for having meals, even learn how to pick the food with dropping. The chopsticks are always in pair, which represents a couple, without one of them, we aren’t able to use.

There are three or four generations living in the family. No matter how many dishes they are, cozy atmosphere of family members sharing about life stories.

Diversity of Vietnam food culture

There are different in term of food culture from region to region. Hanoi is well-known for its authentic food, Hue is famous for its spicy foods and Ho Chi Minh city is ideal place for inclusive dining.

Some local dishes that you should try Banh Mi (Vietnamese bread), Pho soup, Cha Ca (Grilled fish with turmeric and dill), Xoi Xeo, Chao Xuon ( pork rip congree), Bun Cha (Grilled pork with rice noodle and fresh green) , Bun Bo Nam Bo (Sourthern Style Bun Bo), Nem Ran (Deep fried egg roll)

There’s lots of restaurants serving cuisines all over the world in tourist spots. You might find eating places everywhere because we love to eat.

Vietnam food culture – Common words to use

pho (fol) = soup

ga (gaw) = chicken

gao (gow) = uncooked rice

bo (ball) = beef

bun (poom) = noodles

cuon (coom) = salad or lettuce

com (gum) = cooked rice

nuoc mam (nook mum) = fish sauce

Com Binh Dan = (gum binh dan) = buffet Vietnamese rice meal

In conclusion, Vietnam food culture is a great thing to check out. You’ll get a chance to taste different food in Vietnam to see how yummy it is.

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