Experience a day in the life of Halong Bay fishermen tour

Halong Bay fisherman life

Local fisherman life in Halong Bay, Vietnam

This article below will show a closer look into a day in the life of Halong Bay fishermen by taking a Halong fishing tour, this travel blogpost is written by Hanoi Eco Tour

After a well-researched on the internet, I haven’t found much information about fishermen in Halong Bay, just only floating villages. Eventually, I know there’s lot of people looking for information about local living in Halong Bay. So I  decided to take a day tour and wrote this article for you guys to provide you with everything you need to know about local lives in the floating villages

Halong Bay New Seven Wonders of Nature

Halong  Bay situated in Quang Ninh province is one of New Seven Natural Wonders as well as a world heritage site, a well-known destination for worldwide travelers. Travelling to Halong Bay anytime, visitors are still able to admire charming beauty of artistic heritage site of limestone and water.

Visitors are not only admire its spectacular beauty, enjoy fresh air, but also join in a special day tour cruising in Halong Bay, be a fisherman, row a kayak and discover interesting spots among the sea.

Visitors take a tourist boat departures from Hon Gai Tourist wharf since early morning and cruise toward Bai Tu Long bay. On a route to fishing villages, the boat will pass by many limestone island with countless shapes  on the shimmering water. Local residents named limestone islands according to their shapes such as “Teapot” island, “Devil’s face” island…

Halong Fishing tour – Experience a typical working day like a fisherman in Halong Bay


Taking “A day in the life of a fisherman tour “, visitors are from everywhere desire to discover daily life activities of the fishermen. Be introduced to “a day being a fisherman tour” by a local guide, visitors not only explore the natural beauty of Halong Bay but also socialize with local fishermen and take part in their daily life activities such as fishing, taking a sampan, rowing kayak, through hidden lagoons, visiting floating houses to see local life.



After approximately 4 hours on the tourist boat, visitors leave their footstep on floating houses of local fishermen in Vung Vieng fishing village which is about 24 kilometres (18 miles)  from the mainland, the village locates in a  place with tranquil settings and peaceful scenery. More than 160 residents living in the floating village still keep their traditional custom of Halong fishermen community.

That’s why this village be one of the first choices of visitors who would like to go “off the beaten path” and explore local traditional customs of a fisherman in Halong bay.

Halong Bay fishing tour

Fishing trip in Halong Bay

The tour group is divided into small groups with life vests,  taken into sampans. They are taken to the places where the fishermen expect to caught a lot of fishes. Visitors can row the sampan, fish with cast net as real fishermen.

Firstly, the fishermen will show visitors how to throw cast net. It seems to be easy as they might thought but needs to be skillful otherwise the nets will get tangled. After the fishermen will row the boat one round. The next things tourists need to do is beat the water to attract fish to the net.

By noon when everybody feel tired and hungry, the fishermen start to harvest. It is the most interesting moment in the day. A fruitful harvest of a heavy net with lots of white fishes scale shining in the sun.

Amateur fishermen guided to scoop fishes without damaging the net. Everybody feels very happy to catch a fruitful net with fresh fishes. Lunch with fresh fishes quickly is served on the table. These simple food cooked by women in Vung Vieng fishing village between endless sky and water, give tourists indescribable emotion.

On the route back to the Wharf, all visitors have the small mood including enjoyment and loss. A day to be a real fisherman gives them both unique and interesting experience. Through those activities, they can have a deeper understanding into lives of  Halong Bay fishermen

Want to book this Halong bay fishing tour?

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