A day in the life of a Vietnamese rice farmer




Vietnamese Rice farmers have hard lives

Vietnamese rice farmers lives is extremely hard. They must wake up before the sun comes up to get started on their work.
Vietnamese farmer have a break in the middle of the heat of the day, and then return to the fields. Each family member has certain jobs to perform. Men do heavy labor like plowing and digging. Women work around the house, and help with the harvest, planning and weeding. The old do light labor. Girls clean, cook, and work in the vegetable garden; while boys carry water, and help the men in the field. The entire family helps out during planting and harvest. Typical clothing worn by farmers is lose pants and shirts (or skirts for some women) that can be easily rolled up and kept out of water an mud. Most people wear sandals or go barefoot. All over Vietnam, people wear conical shaped hats called “Non la” to protect them from the scalding sun and heavy rains. The day ends up with a family meal together. It’s a great time for all family members to share their stories and get closer each other. As you can see at their working schedule, they work so hard from early morning till the late evening, which is almost 12 hours a day . They are also working 7 days a week. You can image, they work over 80 hours a day which is twice total amount of time period than those working in the office. But life is never go easy. When it comes to the bad weather such as typhoons, storms, heavy rain or drought , rice productivity is going low so it makes life harder and harder for the rice farmers so they are worried about the weather all the time so they pray to Buddha for bumper crop

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