Top 10 things to do in Coto Island, Quang Ninh

things to do in coto island

Read top things to do in Coto island, Quang Ninh. Written by a local guide who has been traveling to Coto tons of times, has a wide range experiences about the island 

Coto island is a promising destination in North Eastern Vietnam, a wonderful paradise for a beach holiday, a great escape from the bustle and hustle of Hanoi and good for those who like traveling off the beaten track.

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1.Watching the Sunset in Little Coto Island

little coto beach coto island

Little Coto island

Just only half an hour boat ride from the main Coto island to get to the Little Coto island. There are two sides of the island, one is touristy because there’s a lot of visitors during the summer holiday from May to August, one side is very few people getting there.

I can say it is something like “Robinson Island“. which is a wonderful place to unwind, relax and enjoy the very best of sun,sea and sand. The beautiful white sandy beach encompasses the whole Island and can be compared to a crowning jewel of a stunning young lady. Sometimes the banks of rock emerge to magnify the splendor of the boundless sea and beach.

There is no better way to watch enchanting sunset in this delightful island and take amazing photoshoots. Feel the calm, peaceful and enjoy the fresh air of a real paradise on earth. . The emerald water at dusk looks amazing

Note :

+ A private round trip boat trip from/to the main Coto island is $40 USD, it should be arranged in advance to advoid disappointment

+ You aren’t allowed to stay overnight on the island so make sure that you are back lastest before the sunset

2.Having BBQ Dinner on the Beach

bbq dinner on the beach coto island

BBQ dinner on the beach in Coto island

Having a BBQ dinner on a private beach is a very cool experience. Listening to the waving sea while savoring a bite of prime barbequed seafood and enjoying a sip of wine and sing “happy songs” together

A seafood BBQ dinner values at $15 USD per person. There are only serval homestays, seaside resorts and eco lodges can offer this dining experience

3.Enjoy a Scenic View of the Entire Island Coto lighthouse

panorama view coto light house

Panoramic view from Coto light house

It lies on the top of a mountain, about 5 kilometers away from Coto town, known as the highest point of the island.

The path from the foot of the mountain to reach the lighthouse with densely forested, ranges of purple rose myrtle, small rocky path which is less visited by people. From the handrail, you are able to have a panoramic view of its amazing island with the lush green color of both sky and seawater. You should ask the stationmaster before climbing to the top. It is better to visit the lighthouse before 5.00pm.

Coto lighthouse is a highlight of the island for taking amazing photos from with a panoramic view of the whole island, 110 meters above sea level. To reach the top of the lighthouse, you need to climb 72 steps.

4.Boating and Fishing In the Evenings

fishing co to island

Fishing in Coto island

It is a unique thing to do in Coto island. You will be on the boat trip with local fishermen for a night fishing trip, particularly, when it comes to good weather conditions. Learn fishing techniques from the local fisherman and enjoy fresh fishes and squid served on board. It is an amazing experience for adventure lovers.

This trip can be arranged with your host or your hotel in the island. It costs around $80 USD for a private trip. If you are in the group of 4 people above, then per-person cost is lot cheaper

5.Playing and having fun at Coto outdoor water park

coto island water park

Coto island water park

The recreation center is around 1000m2, and it is often referred to as the greatest water park in Vietnam. It has different types of activities, for example, overcome barrier, mountain climbing, on the ocean, kayaking, water volleyball, and it also features a complex for youngsters playing with sand. There are also food courts for nourishments in its grounds

The entrance fee is $10 USD per person. There is extra cost applied for other activities like kayaking,

6.Taking Sunrise Photographs on Cau My Rock Reef

sun rise coto island

Sun rrise at Cau My Reef rock Coto island

This is a must thing to do for photographers. The best time to get there before 5.00am for hunting sunrise photos. Standing on the rocks over 80 meters above sea level to take a 360 degrees panoramic view of the Reef rok. You’ll be able to take tons of beautiful photos and stunning images. The colossal symmetry between the sun and the beach make enchantment pictures that will touch anyone’s heart.

7.Go swimming in the emerald water at Hong Vang Beach

hong vang beach co to island

Hong Vang beach in Coto island

Known as one of the most famous beaches in Northern Vietnam with white sand, calm water. It is located in the end of the island. Get to the end of the island, walk through the small path to reach the beach. With its arch seashore, fine sand foundation, strong wave enough for relaxing and playing on the beach.

This is an ideal spot for sunset in the island. If you come to Coto island right at moon time, don’t forget to be back Vang Chay beach when the moonlight rises up, The tide ebbed away, display endless, smooth as glass sand.

8.Spending the Night on a Bungalow on the Beach

bungalow coto island

Bungalow on the beach in Coto island

Coto bungalows are a must experience when on a vacation to Coto Island. The normal cost is around 20USD/per cottage, with the other services like exchange and BBQ dinner on the shoreline … spending the night in a bungalow is an extraordinary adventure in the summer. Try to remember that pre-reservation should be made between May and August.

9.Cycling or walking along Love Road in Coto Island

love road coto island

Walking along the love road in Coto island

Anyone who has ever been to Coto Island would have heard of love road, which is more than 1 to 2 miles along the seashore. It is floor tiled with red brick, is 100 meters away from Coto town, which has 2 tree line of poplar. It is right to call it “love of road” even you go for a walk, or the slow pace of biking is really romantic. You’ll hear the sound of sough poplar, wave rusted, lush green color of the forest, yellow of sunlight, red of the brick, which is as romantic as Korean movies. Moreover, it is a perfect place for wedding photographs.

Appreciate the calm and quiet aura at Bac Vang military port
It is situated around 7 miles away from Coto town and the port itself is quiet ocean water. You can see Bac Vang shoreline covering the whole island from 9 miles. It is the perfect place to take a seat, unwind and energize your spirit.

10.Check out the morning market of Coto island

morning market coto island

Stroll around the morning market of Coto island is a great thing to do

Coto market is a trading place with lots of different types of good seafood and you also can experience local living. You can go shopping at the market, buy stuff for your accommodation and ask your hotel staff to cook it for you. There are many items sold at the market. Morning is the busiest time in a day. In my opinion, if you are looking for fresh seafood then the market is a good choice to buy and cook a good BBQ seafood dish on the beach at night.

Alterative place and an extended trip after your Halong Bay tour

You can also combine your Halong bay tour with a trip to Co To island. Only 1-hour drive from Halong city to the Cai Rong tourist wharf and another 01-hour ride on a speed boat to get to the island.

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Coto island best photos

Here is the amazing list of things to do and see in Coto island, as well as must-see attractions to visit in Coto island. Please share with us what would you add in your upcoming trip to Coto island

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