Coto island speed boat : The complete guide 2023


Coto island speed boat guide

This Coto island speed boat guide is everything you need to know: “How to take a speed boat from Ao Tien port (the new port) to Coto island”, the only way to reach Coto island from Van Don. 

You’ll find full details of timetables, rates, recommended boat companies and tips for taking a speed boat to Coto. It is written by a local guide who have been working in the tourism industry for 12 plus year and also know a homestay owner in Coto island. All information provided below is up to date.

Ao Tien port to Coto island distance

60 kilometers or 38 miles by seaway

How to travel from Ao Tien port (Van Don) to Coto island

Taking a speedboat to Coto Island is the best way to get to Coto island from the mainland since it’s fast, efficient, and comfortable.

Alternatively, taking a wooden junk boat to Coto Island is another choice for those who have free time, want to sit, relax and enjoy the sea view.  Please remember that reaching the island takes around 3 to 4 hours.

Coto island speed boat FAQs

How long does it take from Ao Tien port to Coto island?

1.5 hour  by speed boat and 3 to 4 hours by a wooden junk boat. 

Should I book a ticket in advance? 

There is no need to book a ticket in advance, 1 or 2 days before your departure date is enough. Unless, you are traveling during the peak season from May to late July when Vietnamese travel a lot, especially during the weekend. 

You’d better book with your accommodation in Coto island. If you are travelling off the tourist season, go directly to the ticket booth at Ao Tien port and buy a ticket. 

How do I get from Coto Wharf to your accommodation?

There is a tons of goft cart to choose from. But I do recommend to arrange with your accommodation in Coto island. You’ll be on a safe hand. 

How is speed boat ride to Coto island?

Quite gentle if you are using the big speed boat. Havaco is the best so far in my opinion. 

Where do I take the boat?

Ao Tien port

How soon should I arrive at Ao Tien port?

Half an hour before your departure time, process paperwork before getting on a boat. 

Coto island speed boat complete guide : Price, timetable and reputable companies

This is all information about travelling from Ao Tien port to Coto island by speed boat

Route Departure time  Transfer time  Ticket fare Company name
Ao Tien – Coto 7.15, 10.15, 13.15, 15.00 1.5 hours 350.000đ/pax Havaco
Coto – Ao Tien 8.45, 10.15, 11.45, 15.00, 16.30 1.5 hours 350.000đ/pax Havaco
Ao Tien – Coto 6.00, 7.30, 10.00, 13.30 1.5 hours 230.000đ/pax Kalong
Coto – Ao Tien 9.00, 9.30,10.00,13.30pm 1.5 hours 230.000đ/pax Kalong
Ao Tien – Coto 7.30, 9.30, 10.00, 11.30, 12.30pm 1.5 hours 250.000đ/pax Quang Minh
Coto – Ao Tien 8.00am and 16.00pm 1.5 hours 250.000đ/pax Quang Minh
Ao Tien – Coto 7.30, 10.00, 13.30pm 1.5 hours 250.000đ/pax  Nguyen Viet
Coto – Ao Tien 8.00, 13.30, 16pm 1.5 hours 250.000đ/pax  Nguyen Viet

Tips for booking a speed boat ticket to Coto island

  • If you are a foreigner, don’t forget to bring a valid passport with a visa stamp. You must do some paper work for registration before heading to Coto island.
  • The timetable of the speed boat can be changed without prior notice; please update them with your accommodation before taking a boat trip
  • Check the weather forecast and news. If there is bad weather or a typhoon, the speed boat ride will be canceled due to safe policy. 
  • Take some pills half an hour before the boat trip to avoid seasick
  • Please cash in Vietnam Dong to purchase a ticket
  • Sit in the middle of the boat if you get seasick
  • Most of the staff working for the speedboat companies don’t speak  English well, it is better to have a Vienamese friend to help you communicate.
  • Check your ticket’s number plate to ensure you board the right boat. 

Over to you

I hope this Coto island speed boat guide helps you some ways to plan your travel from Ao Tien port to Coto island. If you need any further assistance in terms of booking a ticket to Coto island, feel free to contact me via Whatsapp at 

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