Insight into Halong Bay fishing life

“We live in a wonderful world that is full of beauty, charm and adventure. There is no end to the adventures we can have if only we seek them with our eyes open.”  Halong Bay fishing life via photos Amazing Halong Bay. Fascinating panoramas of limestone karsts often covered with lush green vegetation. Adding to […]

Vietnam Dress Code

Vietnam is famous for its fascinating culture and rich tradition . Vietnamese live simple lives, especially shows in their dress code, which is a touch of elegance and smartness embodied . Vietnam fashion is different from region to region from North to Southand among the various classes, in some way or other their traditional way […]

Who says water buffalo Vietnam herding is hard work?

Vietnam water buffalo herding Vietnam water buffalo  is considered as a friend of a farmer. Coming to Vietnam, you will have a chance to see lots of water buffalo working on the paddy field as well as eating grass. This experience is very unique. Ai bảo chăn trâu là khổ. Chăn trâu sướng lắm chứ. […]

How to grow rice in Vietnam

Rice farming in Vietnam Vietnam rice farming has often been likened to one of those two-basket panniers the Vietnamese use to carry things – they look rather like a justice scale with the fulcrum on the shoulder. This is because the Mekong in the south and the Red River in the north are indeed rice […]

A day in the life of a Vietnamese rice farmer

Vietnamese Rice farmers have hard lives Vietnamese rice farmers lives is extremely hard. They must wake up before the sun comes up to get started on their work. In the old days, they often walk from home to the rice paddy field but now by bicycle or motorbike. They take a break under a big banyan […]

Rice field Mai Chau valley through the time

Stunning view of rice field Mai Chau Mai Chau valley is not only known as the place of beautiful natural place, but it is also famous for the beauty of rice field through the time. Check out the amazing photos of Mai Chau valley view with rice fields from the beginning to the harvest seasons. You’ll […]

Vietnam food culture

  Steamed rice – A popular Vietnam food culture of an agriculture country Steamed Rice is used for worshipping in a lots of Vietnamese pagodas and temples. People said that it originates from the Mother Godness Worshipping, the most long–standing belief in Vietnam. Rice is really important to Vietnam. The very first written characters constituting the […]

What to eat in Vietnam

What Vietnamese people eat everyday Rice is served almost every meal, even breakfast in some rural area. Because there are tons of rivers across the country so we also eats fishes. There are two type of fishes : fresh water and ocean one. On the other hand, we also eat lots of meats suchs as […]

Tranditional Betel Nuts and Areca Nuts Chewing

Chewing Betel Nuts and Areca Nuts According to legends, chewing quid of betel nuts and areca nuts has been a custom since the Hung King period and connected with the antique legend of betel and areca. A quid of betel is called “trau” consists of 4 elements: an areca leaf (sweet taste), betel bark (hot […]

Tranquil rural life in Vietnam

Rural life in Vietnam – a great place to recharge your soul If you want to spend a few days in a peaceful area to escape from the bustle and hustle of the city life, many visitors travelling to Vietnam prefer going to the rural areas where they can find a peaceful atmosphere, breath fresh […]