A day in the life of a Vietnamese rice farmer

    Vietnamese Rice farmers have hard lives Vietnamese rice farmers lives is extremely hard. They must wake up before the sun comes up to get started on their work. Vietnamese farmer have a break in the middle of the heat of the day, and then return to the fields. Each family member has certain jobs […]

Rice field Mai Chau valley through the time

Stunning view of rice field Mai Chau Mai Chau valley is not only known as the place of beautiful natural place, but it is also famous for the beauty of rice field through the time. Check out the amazing photos of Mai Chau valley view with rice fields from the beginning to the harvest seasons. You’ll […]

Vietnam food culture

  Steamed rice – A popular Vietnam food culture of an agriculture country Rice is used for worshipping in many Vietnamese temples.People said that it originates from the Mother Godness Worshipping, the most long–standing belief in Vietnam. Yes rice is a big thing out here. The very first written characters constituting the word “Happiness” in ancient Vietnamese is the […]

What to eat in Vietnam

  What to eat in Vietnam Rice is served at virtually every meal, including breakfast. Fish is almost as important, since Vietnam is a country that has abundant water with vast resources of fish. Fish and other fresh and salt water life is eaten fresh, but is also frequently dried. Fowl, such as chicken, ducks, […]

Tranditional Betel Nuts and Areca Nuts Chewing

  Chewing Betel Nuts and Areca Nuts According to legends, chewing quid of betel nuts and areca nuts has been a custom since the Hung King period and connected with the antique legend of betel and areca. A quid of betel is called “trau” consists of 4 elements: an areca leaf (sweet taste), betel bark […]

Tranquil rural life in Vietnam

Rural life in Vietnam – a great place to recharge your soul If you want to spend a few days in a peaceful area to escape from the bustle and hustle of the city life, many visitors travelling to Vietnam prefer going to the rural areas where they can find a peaceful atmosphere and enjoy […]