Viet Hai village travel guide : Discover peaceful hidden village in Cat Ba island

Viet Hai village travel guide

Planning a trip to Viet Hai village Cat Ba but you don’t know anything about the village. This article is everything you need to know for travelling Viet Hai village, Cat Ba updated in 2024 with lastest information. This Viet Hai village travel guide is written by David who has been travelling to Viet Hai for years . This article includes best things to do, places to stay,where and what to eat, how to get from Cat Ba to Viet Hai, tour options from Cat Ba, best time to travel and a lot more.

Why do I write this Viet Hai village travel guide

I have done some research on the interest in Viet Hai village travel guide but it seems like all of the information is pretty much the same and not practical. I find some of the information is not necessary. 

So I decided to write this article from the perspective of a local guide who has been travelling to Viet Hai village tons of times. 

Viet Hai village, Cat Ba : The basic

Viet Hai village map

In this section, You will learn general information about Viet Hai village so you can answer basic questions :  What, where, when and how. I also give my personal opinion about “Is it worth visting Cat Ba island?”. 

You may skip it, if you have done your research

Where is Viet Hai village?

Viet Ha village is located on the East side of Cat Ba island, 4 hours trekking from Cat Ba national park or 1 hour boat ride from Beo Pier, off the coast.

Viet Hai village is known as the hidden gem of Cat Ba island which is less visited by tourists. Also an option for those who take a Lan Ha bay tour without water activities like kayaking, swimming.


There are 2 options to choose from

Getting to Viet Hai via waterway from Cat Ba 

From Beo pier in Cat Ba, take 1-hour boat trip to reach the Viet Hai pier, then 10-minute ride on a buggy car or 20 minutes on a push bike ride. 

The local ferry ride from Cat Ba to Viet Hai that leave at 11am and 4pm. The one from Viet Hai to Cat Ba leaves at 12.45 am. 

If not, you can take a local boat which costs around 20 USD from Cat Ba to Viet Hai village. If you are staying in Cat Ba, the hotel can arrange it for you.

Getting to Viet Hai via the land.

This is an option for those who follow the trekking route from Cat Ba National Park to Viet Hai village via the Frog pond route which takes four to four and a half hour depending on your speed.

It is quite challenging and not for everyone, you are walking up lots of steps, hiking on rocks and so on.

Pro tips: Do not do any trekking after dark because you may encounter snakes. In my opinion, you need to be out the of jungle before 4.30 to 5pm depending on the season. For the wintertime, it is getting dark soon so it is better to be at Viet Hai as early as possible.


Day trips from Cat Ba should be fine. If you are taking a private boat tour from Cat Ba, ask them to include Viet Hai for your visit. 

For a short visit, 1 hour to explore the village is enough. But lots of my guests, after visiting Viet Hai for a short time, they wish they could spend the night on this village one day because it was so peaceful and beautiful. 

If you are trekking from Cat Ba National Park, you may spend the night in a homestay/guest house in the village.


For sure, just include 1 hour visit to Viet Hai village on tours from Cat Ba.Hanoi Eco Tour offers a private organized Lan Ha Bay day cruise from Hanoi that includes a visit to Viet Hai village for those who don’t like water activities. 

To inquire about Lan Ha bay tour that includes Viet Hai village, please contact Hanoi Eco Tour via Whatsapp at +84.974.313.104


It depends on you. Spending the night in Viet Hai village is to relax, laidback and enjoy the tranquil settings of the village.

I spent the night in the floating homestay on Lan Ha Bay on 2019, which is quite a unique experience that you are staying in the middle of nowhere. Last time, there was no hot running water so we had to take a bath using hot water from a thermos. 

They now have a solar panel so that you can use hot shower which is better than it used to be. I liked the meal with fresh fish that was raised at the homestay which was so fresh and yummy. 


Biking in Viet Hai

Walking is just for those who are independent travellers with plenty of time on the island. It may take up to 1 hour to walk from the quay to the heart of the village.

Push bike ride is the option that you can explore the village as the way you want, stop wherever, whenever you want and it takes just 45 minutes to ride around a trip to explore the island. 

If you don’t wish to walk and ride any bikes, take the buggy car ride. In my opinion, book a private one so you can stop wherever you want which is much more comfortable.

There are quite a few scenic spots to take photos along the way  

With bougainvillea from along the pathway, one side is the mountain and one side is the waterfront and limestone mountains. You know it when you see it

The falling roots after getting through the tunnel

Water lily flower with a valley view in the front.

The first house you the left, when we take a right turn to the village( You can go to the toilet, see the map of Cat Ba, Lan Ha bay, Viet Hai village and taste the right liquor) 

Pro tips: Having a conversation with a buggy driver is interesting. The one that I took, is from another province and took this job because he used to be a buggy car driver in Hung King temple but not many job opportunities so that’s why he got this job and he stayed in a house in the heart of the village. 

Best time to visit Viet Hai village

You can visit the village all year round but be aware that the summertime, especially during the weekend, it can be busy with lots of Vietnamese tourists. 

To avoid the crowd, get there after 3 pm. 

For the wintertime, getting to the island from 11.30am to 1.30pm is a quiet time at the village because people will be having lunch soon. For those who coming from the boat tour from Cat Ba, they will be back the boat for lunch. 

Best things to do in Viet Hai village

Hiking the Navy peak 

Hiking to reach the summit of Navy Peak is a clear weather day is a great activity to see a panoramic view of Halong Bay, Lan Ha bay. I only recommend doing that in good weather, don’t do it on misty and foggy day which is not worth it. 

Taking the sunset tour

Again, it is highly recommended to tour during the good weather, you can admire the amazing sunset view from the boat and kayak around the limestone rocks, see the glamton. 

Joining farming activities with locals

Depending on the seasons, you can participate in farming activities with locals. 

Where to stay in Viet Hai village

Since there aren’t many guests who stay overnight in the village, there isn’t much choices for accommodation in Viet Ha village

Lan Homestay

One of the best homestays in Viet Hai village with a friendly host, Ryan, a spacious room. Sunset tour is a great thing to do, you shouldn’t miss it. 

Jenny homestay

 It is now closed. 

Where to eat and drink in Viet Hai 

Bhaya Cafe is the best choice for all meals: Breakfast, lunch, dinner. Highly recommend this place for those who spend the night in Cat Ba .

For lunch, there are a couple of local restaurants along the main road of the village. 

Over to you

I hope this Viet Hai village travel guide helps you some ways to plan your perfect trip to Viet Hai village, Cat Ba. If you have any further questions, please feel free to ask.


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