How to get to Cat Ba from Cai Vieng, Gia Luan port

Gia Luan Cai Vieng to Ccat Ba

Looking for the best way to get to Cat Ba from Cai Vieng or Gia Luan? Cat Ba is known as the “Pearl Island” which is famous for its towering limestone karst mountain but way less touristy than Halong bay, lush green forest in the Cat Ba national park 

This beautiful island has lots of things to do and see and is home to backpackers, travellers who love nature, and adventure and go off the beaten track.

You have seen a ton of articles that mention how to get to Cat Ba island from Halong, Hai Phong or Hanoi but I haven’t seen any of the article that gives comprehensive information about how to get to the town of Cat Ba from those ferries like Gia Luan, Cai Vieng.

This is why I’m here to help 

How to get to Cat Ba from Cai Vieng

Most of the ferries crossing with car from Got Pier that takes you to Cai Vieng which is on Cat Ba side or those who take speed boats or hydrofoils from Hai Phong to Cat Ba island

Cai Vieng Cat Ba bus

It takes 35 minutes drive from Cai Vieng to the town of Cat Ba. Just get off the ferry at Cai Vieng, get on the bus no 14 which cost 13k VND (half a dollar).

Route : Cai Vieng- Phu Long – Hien Hao – Xuan Dam – Ang Soi T-juntion – Cat Ba town. 

The bus departs every half an hour (the last one is 6pm) 

If you are staying in an accommodation which is close to Cat Ba National Park, please ask the driver for the closet

Cai Vieng Cat Ba motorbike

If you are solo travellers, sit on the back of the motorbike taxi is a fun experience, they may charge you 150k (6 USD) for one way ride from Cai Vieng to Cat Ba 

Cai Vieng Cat Ba private car

If you are travelling in a party from 3 to 5 people, private car is a good option. It costs around 350k to 450k VND depending on the size (SUV or Sedan)

If you take this options, just to inform them number of people and how many pieces of lugage

From Cai Vieng to the Cat Ba National Park, a car transfer costs around 200kVND to 250kVND

If you would like to book a private car from Cai Vieng to Cat Ba, please contact Hanoi Eco Tour via Whatsapp at +84974313104

How to get to Cat Ba from Gia Luan

Looking for the transfer options from Gia Luan to Cat Ba, which is for those who catch the ferry from Halong to Cat Ba. 

There are 4 ways to get to the town of Cat Ba from Gia Luan 

Gia Luan to Cat Ba bus

The earliest bus ride : 6.15am

The latest bus ride : 4.15am

Duration: 40 minutes

Bus schedule : Everyone 20 minutes

Route : The town of Cat Ba – Cat Ba national park – Gia Luan

Ticket : 30,000VND per person

Gia Luan to Cat Ba motorbike: Just in case you there is no bus available, taking a motorbike taxi ride is an option, good for those who only have a big backpack and a small bag or carry-on suitcases.

The cost is 170k to 200k VND per person.

If I have to choose, I prefer the more economical bus but the motorbike ride is more fun.

Gia Luan to Cat Ba car

If you are travelling to parties of 2 to 5 people, this option is good option. Since you may have lots of bags, backpacks and suitcases.

Having a driver who already waits for you when you disembark the ferry which is gate.

From Gia Luan to Cat Ba national park : 250k VND to 300k VND 

From Gia Luan to the town of Cat Ba : 400k to 450k VND 

If you would like to book a private car to Cat Ba town, please contact us via Whatsapp at +84974313104

Tips for taking bus from Cat Ba to Gia Luan

  • The last ferry from Gia Luan to Halong is at 4pm, it is safer to take a bus from Cat Ba that departs at 2.40pm. If you get there earlier you can sit back, relax
  • If you bring too much luggage, you had better not to take the bus, you may have to walk from the bus station to the hotel which is pretty far. 
  • Double check with your accommodation if the bus drives pass by your place or not.
  • Bring cash in VND to pay the bus ticket, car ride etc
  • There are a few types of cars: Kia Morning (Small 4 seats car), Vios (Sedan), Xpander, Toyota Innova, and Toyota Fortuner (SUV), if you are tall or long legs, pick a Sedan or SUV to have more room for your legs.
  • The summertime (From May to August) , especially weekends is the peak tourist season in Cat Ba, if had better book a car as soon as possible to avoid that it might be fully booked 

For any car services from Gia Luan or Cai Vieng to Cat Ba, I do have contacts of some reliable drivers, If you are looking for one, I can pass the contact or you can use the services with us. 

Over to you

We, Hanoi Eco Tour hope this Gia Luan, Cai Vieng to Cat Ba transfer guide helps you some ways to plan your transfer to the town of Cat Ba.

If you have any further questions, kindly contact us via email or Whatsapp +84974313104 (click on the number to get directly to the chat box on Whatsapp) 


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