What to eat in Vietnam


What Vietnamese people eat everyday

Rice is served almost every meal, even breakfast in some rural area. Because there are tons of rivers across the country so we also eats fishes. There are two type of fishes : fresh water and ocean one.

On the other hand, we also eat lots of meats suchs as geese, ducks, chickens, pork, along with eels and eggs, which provides additional protein. Beef and seafood are only used in some special occasions such as at weddings or festivals.

Nuoc Nam is a dish won’t be missed in every meals of Vietnamese, a liquid sauce made from fermented fish, which has  strong smell

The typical Vietnamese meal consists of a bowl of rice, vegetables and main dish is meat or fish.. Vegetables are often grown in a front garden of the house and include soybeans, sweet potatoes, corn, greens of various kinds, onions, and other root crops. Fruit includes bananas, grape fruit, dragon fruits, mangos,and pineapple. Vietnamse rice noodle soup is a singature dish of Vietnam either with beef or chicken. Eating in Vietnam is such a big thing to learn about. We applied the theory of Yin Yang balance when cooking food. For example, Balut is consider as a cold food, often served with ginger and knotgrass (hot element); chicken (cold element) is stir fried with red chilly (hot element) and so on.

Vietnamse drink green tea all day long from the morning until the evening. During the traditional New Year of Vietnam “Tet”, we also serve rice liquor, soft drink, beer for the guests.

In Vietnam, breakfast isn’t considered as a main meal so it is short. Big meal is lunch and dinner. Dinner is the most important meal when all family members are back from school and work, enjoy it together.

We eat with chopsticks and sit on a mat on the floor in the old days. But lots of families eat on chairs and tables like Westerner. But when there are many guests coming for a meal without having enough chair, they will sit on a mat. Vietnamese eat loudly, slurping, sucking, chomping. Such table noises are not considered bad manners; they are considered evidence that people are enjoying their food.

By reading this article, we hope that you have gained in-depth understanding of what to eat in Vietnam as a local. On the other hand, you may interested in Hanoi Home cooking class to experience authentic local foods with Hanoi Eco Tour

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