Tranquil rural life in Vietnam


If you want to spend a few days in peaceful rural areas in Vietnam to escape from the bustle and hustle of the city life, many visitors travelling to Vietnam prefer going to the rural areas where they can find a peaceful atmosphere, breath fresh air and enjoy their holidays like a real local.

They can get involved in local daily life activities to experience how they eat, live, work. This experience is unique and must-do things when travelling to Vietnam.

Rural life in Vietnam – a great place to recharge your soul

Rural life in Vietnam is totally different from city life. Coming to rural areas, tourists will admire the natural beauty of lush rice paddy field where water buffaloes swallow the grass and see elegant women who are wearing traditional Vietnamese conical hat, cycle along dusty paths, join hands-on home cooking class with locals, take part in farming works such as soil preparation, planting vegetables, watering. It’s fun to herd a water buffalo which is considered as a close friend of a Vietnamese farmer, help them plow on the field. Moreover, you also have chance to interact with locals to learn more about their culture and tradition, way of living and learn some simple Vietnamese words for a friendly conversation with locals. Don’t forget to say hello “Xin Chao in Vietnamese” to everyone whom you meet to show your friendliness .  You may be surprised that there are many children saying hello to you. But once you talk to them, they feel shy and say nothing but smile. Because they aren’t good at spoken English so they are afraid of making mistakes when speaking English to foreigners.  There’s lots of places to visit in rural area of Vietnam with remarkable geography, from the remote Sapa valleys in the north to the lush Mekong Delta in the south, demonstrates a traditional way of life.

Hanoi Eco Tour highly recommend you to take a Vietnam countryside tour to experience the very best of rural Vietnam

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