Top standard hotels in Cat Ba island : Best 3 stars accommodation in Cat Ba

Standard hotels in Cat Ba

This article includes the top Cat Ba standard hotels or top 5 three-star hotel in Cat Ba. It is for those who just want clean, comfortable accommodation in Cat Ba at an affordable cost. 

Top 5 standard hotels in Cat Ba – Best 3 stars accommodation in Cat Ba island

Quiri hotel

Quiri hotel Cat Ba

Known as the top three stars hotels in Cat Ba, located in Tung Dinh street, which is a quieter location, a bit away from the center of town. 

This is a lovely family-run hotel with onsite bars and restaurants which makes in convenient for guests who stay in this hotel. 

What I like the most about this hotel is its amazing service whist the price is affordable from $45 to $55 per room per night. 

If you are looking for standard affordable hotels in Cat Ba, there is a one of the top choice. 

Cat Ba Eco hotel

Cat Ba Eco hotel rooms

Just another lovely cozy boutique hotel in Cat Ba Island, located in Nui Ngoc Street which is the heart of the town. 

What I like the most about the hotel is the new facilities, well-equipped rooms and friendly staff. The price is super affordable from 30 to 35 USD per room per night. 

Tommy hotel Cat Ba

Tommy hotel Cat Ba

This is a super affordable stadard hotel in Cat Ba, only 20 to 25 USD per room per night. The room is large, clean. This hotel is a family-run hotel so their services are excellent with good support from the staff 

The location is great since it’s close to restaurants, and local eateries which makes it convenient for you during your stay. You can also hire a scooter to get around the island. 

Cat Ba View Hotel

Cat Ba view hotel

What the guests like the most about the hotel is a clean room with a comfortable bed. The hotel location is great with walking distance to the beach, restaurants, and bars.

Also, there are plenty of choices for breakfast: pancakes, pho soup, bacon, and so on. Also, their staff is polite and helpful which offers great value of money with just 28 to 30 USD per room per night.

Lepont Cat Ba Bungalow

Lepont hotel in Cat Ba

A great choice for couples who love romance. Imagine that you wake up in the morning, open the curtain and see the ocean view. 

The outdoor restaurant is a great spot to admire the sunset. But be aware that it can be cold in the winter when it comes to low temperatures from 10 to 12 degrees Celsius

Also, the bathroom might be sometimes a bit stinky and the average breakfast. 

But it’s a choice for those who like a great view. 

The Moon boutique hotel – Cat Ba

The Moon Boutique Hotel Cat Ba, stands out as an elegantly luxurious establishment with a unique design that seamlessly blends contemporary artistic style with elements of the moon, ocean, and fisherman culture. The hotel, located at 04 Nui Ngoc Street, in the heart of Cat Ba Island, Vietnam, offers a distinct and immersive experience for beauty enthusiasts and dreamers alike.

 The Moon Boutique Hotel Cat Ba has successfully translated the desire to “fly me to the moon” into a tangible and serene reality. The interior space of the hotel captures the essence of the moonlight, creating a living and peaceful environment for guests to enjoy. The architects have skillfully utilized two main color tones—white and blue—and played with light to craft an ambiance that transports visitors into a world reminiscent of the moon, offering a truly unique adventure experience.

The hotel features 15 rooms spread across 11 floors, each designed with meticulous attention to detail to ensure a comfortable and aesthetically pleasing stay. The rooftop cafe, boasting bay and mountain views, adds an extra layer of charm to the overall experience.

The prime location of The Moon Boutique Hotel Cat Ba is a significant highlight, making it easily accessible for guests. Situated just a one-minute walk from the central ferry terminal and within 5-7 minutes walk from the renowned Cat Co beaches 1, 2, and 3, the hotel provides convenient proximity to some of Cat Ba’s most iconic attractions. Additionally, Cannon Fort is a mere 500 meters away, and the Cai Beo tourist dock is conveniently located 700 meters from the hotel.

In summary, The Moon Boutique Hotel Cat Ba not only offers a luxurious and artistically designed retreat but also provides a central hub for exploring the beauty and culture of Cat Ba Island. With its prime location, stunning views, and thoughtful design, it stands as a unique destination for travelers seeking both comfort and adventure.

For the price ranges which starts from 80 USD, same price as Beta hotel (4 stars hotel in Cat Ba) 

Pro tips for choosing 3 star hotels in Cat Ba

  • During the peak tourist season in Cat Ba (lots of Vietnamese tourists) from May to August, especially during the weekends, accommodation in Cat Ba can be fully booked shortly so early booking is recommended
  • If your accommodation in Cat Ba is a bit away from the town, I recommend to get snacks, water, drinks at the Cat Ba town. 
  •  Reconfirm the booking during the peak season to avoid overbooked
  • If you are vegetarian or food allergy, please inform the hotel staff in advance. 

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Top tours in Cat Ba 

There are both small groups and private tours in Cat Ba. Please contact Hanoi Eco Tour via WhatsApp: +84.974.313.104

Private Lan ha Bay day tour from Cat ba/Hai Phong

This Lan ha bay half day tour is one of the top rated Lan Ha bay tours from Cat Ba island that you shouldn’t miss. It can be customized based on your preference. 

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