Mai Chau travel tips from a local insider

Here are some of the top frequently asked about traveling Mai Chau; read this Mai Chau travel tips with local insider advice to help you start planning your travel to Mai Chau. The tips below will give you a good overview of the main issues you’ll face planning your trip and teach you how to find good deals before coming to Mai Chau Vietnam.

This Mai Chau travel tips was written by a Vietnamese local guide who have been working in tourism industry over 10 years and a professional writer for Hanoi Eco Tour. Having good friends living in Mai Chau and travel Mai Chau very often with up-to-date information.

Mai Chau travel tips

Mai Chau local insider travel tips

16 Mai Chau travel tips from local insiders

Tip 1 :  Safety and heath in Mai Chau

Mai Chau is very safe for travelers. The only real hazard in this part of the

world is your own misfortune. Take care when cycling – even on quiet lanes – and don’t push yourself too hard when trekking. Stay hydrated too.

Local medical facilities are very basic. You’ll need to return to Hanoi for serious medical issue.

Tip 2 :  Best way to get to Mai Chau from Hanoi

For budget travelers: Public buses are the best choice for the budget traveller to get to Mai Chau, which is available at both My Dinh and Yen Nghia bus stations. There is a variety in terms of timetable.  It costs about $5. There is an additional cost for taking taxi from Hanoi Old Quarter to these bus stations, $5 for My Dinh bus station and $8 for Yen Nghia bus station.

Duration : 4 hours

For those who like the comfort : Tourist bus available with Mai Chau sunrise resort and Mai Chau shuttle bus or Moc Chau express. It costs about $8 to $10, departs from Old Quarter but it is sometimes fully booked. They do stop at a local market as a rest stop where you may want to taste some local cuisines, or at the flag pole where you can see the panoramic view of Mai Chau valley.

Duration : 3.5 hours

How to book : Ask a travel agents or the accommodation where you are staying to arrange it for you.

Tip 3 : Accommodation in Mai Chau

Homestay : Its facilities are basic : no air-conditioning, western toilet and hot shower. Some homestays don’t have hot showers. Private rooms are available in a couple of homestays in Mai Chau. It’s better to stay in Lac 2 village. It’s such a quite place. Lac 1 village is a bit noisy and touristy. The most luxury accommodation in Mai Chau is Mai Chau Eco lodge.

Tip 4 : Eat & Drink in Mai Chau

Drinks are available at the homestay : beer, coca- cola, water or at the store. ” Can” wine is a specialty. Meals are available at the homestay. You’d better order food with the homestay owner. There’s no menu. classic country cuisine is served from a fixed lunch and dinner menu. The food is simple but great. Vegetarians should be informed before your arrival.

Tip 5 : What to do in Mai Chau

Go cycling, walk around the village or take a trek.  On the other hand, you can visit Thai ethnic museum,   see 1000 steps cave and Mai Chau market. Especially, enjoy Thai ethnic traditional dance. It’s absolutely great to have a local guide around as well when you’re trekking. They are able to  help you understand what you’re seeing.

Tip 6 : ATMs or Money exchange in Mai Chau

There’s one ATM available in Mai Chau town but you’d better bring cash on you. We suggest you bring Vietnam Dong so it’s easy to spend. You can budget approximately $60.

There is a local bank “Agribank,” offer a money exchange service. Please note that working hours are from 8.00am to 5.00 pm and the bill should be in a good condition.

Tip 7 : Internet connection in Mai Chau

Internet access is available in most of villages and homestay. If not, You can use 4G network with a Vietnamese sim card to access the internet (Vina Phone seems to be the best company for 4G network)

Tip 8 : Stores in Mai Chau

There are some store about 1.5 kilometers from the village, you can get there by bicycle or on foot to buy toothbrush, toothpaste….and market is about 2.5 kilometers from the village.

Tip 9 : Support

Most of homestay owners have basic spoken English but can understand you.

If you want to see remote areas or off the beaten track, let’s book a guided trekking tour arranged by your accommodation.

Tip 10 : What to bring for Mai Chau trip

Passport, change of clothes, sun-glasses & hat, suncream, sun-block, insect repellent, flashlights, good shoes, personal first aid kit & medicines,  VND for personal expenses. a smartphone with an internet connection includes a 4G simcard

Tip 11 : Best time to travel Mai Chau valley?

September, Octorber, November , early December, late March and April.

Middle of June and Octorber is the best time to see rice harvest season in Mai Chau

Tip 12 : Take a map from your accommodation when getting around

If you would like to take your DIY walking or cycling around Mai Chau area. Please ask your accommodation for a travel map and ask them to show the direction. Choose a good bike with a good break and check its tires if you go cycling because there is no mechanic stores in the villages of Mai Chau apart from Mai Chau town

Tip 13 : Traveling with someone when visit Go Lao water

Go Lao waterfall is 15 kilometers from Mai Chau town and a good spot for swimming. I do recommend going with someone because there aren’t many people at the waterfall in case something happens; there is someone around you to help

Tip 14 : Having a dinner with local family in your homestay

I have to say it’s a cool experience. Choose a homestay with few guests so a homecook dinner with their family to talk and share about their daily lives, culture and tradition with them. Having authentic tasty local food that you don’t get in a casual restaurant, guest house or lodge. You can also try homemade rice liquor and cheer with local family. You will love it. Believe it or not, a highly recommend tip for traveling Mai Chau

Tip 15 : Advoid the crowd traveling at the weekend

Honestly, There are many Vietnamese travelers during the weekends from Friday nights to Sunday nights and the national holidays like May Day, Independence day (2nd of September). If you have choice, don’t go this time. Otherwise, pick your accommodation far from Mai Chau town such as Mai Hich village, Buoc village which is less touristy than Mai Chau town and some nearby villages.

Tip 16 : Having breakfast in a local restaurant

For breakfast,you could leave the homestay and go into T-Juction between Lac village and Mai Chau town (near Vuong Van BBQ). Here, you can find good food from the local restaurant with noodle soups and a few other dishes. There are 2 of them next to each others. You can fill up for 2 dollars

Or going to the Mai Chau market or near Mai Chau hospital for more choice

Hope you guys with have a great time in Mai Chau by reading those Mai Chau travel tips 

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