Lan Ha bay junks : private charter cruises from 1 to 4 cabins

Lan Ha bay junks : private charter cruises from 1 to 4 cabins

Lots of couples, groups of friends, and families are looking for private cruises on Lan Ha bay ranging from 1 to 4 cabins based on group size, there are a few private Lan Ha Bay junks to choose from 

  • Ocean cruise  2 to 4 cabins
  • Dao Ngoc family cruise
  • Dao Ngoc cruise
  • Sunlight boutique cruise 5 cabins

Frequently asked questions for private cruises on Lan Ha bay

How much is a private junk cruise for 2 days 1 night?

The price varies from 600 to 1300 USD depending on group size: 2 people, 3, 4, or many more. The more people the cheaper.

Can I customize the itinerary for a private cruise? 

Yes, you can. But it doesn't mean that you can go anywhere that you want. There is a kind of fixed route but there are other spots that are further that you can go it's better to make things clear about which route, and which places you want to visit.

How to save money when taking a private Lan Ha junk?

Taking a sharing shuttle bus from Hanoi to Lan Ha to save money. But I only suggest this option for couples. If you are traveling in a group of 4 people or above, a private transfer with an extra sound is more comfortable and reasonable. Since you will be waiting half an hour to 1 hour for the shuttle bus.

Is food and drinks included on the cruise?

Full board meals breakfast, lunch, and dinner is included but not the drinks. The price might be higher than the restaurant but you are on holiday and it is the way that staff on board makes some money. Buying from them means to support them.

If you bring your own wine, you will be paying for service charges which depend on each cruise policy. 

Is there any tour guide onboard?

There is a tour guide onboard who take care of you during your stay.

Can we extend our trip to 2, 3 pm?

It depends on the boat's availability. Most of the time, the boat needs to be back on the mainland by 11.30 am to be ready to welcome new guests. IF there are no guests on this day, there will be an extra cost applied for a longer stay onboard since the boat has to cruise further. However, you can make some negotiations with the cruise companies to ask for it.

How soon do I need to book the cruise?

I highly recommend booking the cruise during the peak season like Christmas and Newyear, or high season in March and April as soon as possible to reserve the spots since there isn't many options for private junk boats in Cat Ba 

What happens if there is bad weather?

If there is a typhoon or storm the boat cruise will be canceled. If it rains heavily but the boats are still allowed to cruise it means that the cruise is still running. 

If you decide to cancel the trip this case, it will be your fault.

How to book a private Lan Ha bay junk?

  • Contact the tour operator,
  • Decide on itinerary and cruise
  • Pay the deposit 
  • You are all set.
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