How to travel from Hanoi to Van Don (Ao Tien port) 2023 : Detailed Transportation guide

How to travel from hanoi to Van Don, Transport guide

how to get to Hanoi from Van Don

This ultimate transport guide offers a different way to travel from Hanoi to Van Don (Ao Tien port) , with a flexible budget from low price to VIP. We also include bus timetables, what’s the road condition like, how to purchase a ticket etc

There is one airport called Van Don Airport, but there is no flights from Hanoi to Van Don due to the short distance. 

The two towns is a bit far from each other, but you have lots of choices to travel between the two towns. 

Hanoi to Van Don distance

The distance between Hanoi and Van Don is 200 kilometers or 125 miles

Hanoi to Van Don travel time

There are a few ways to travel from Hanoi to Van Don either via the old route along the national road number 18, which takes around 5 hours  or via the New Express Way with 03 legs : Hanoi – Hai Phong Expressway, Hai Phong – Bach Dang, Halong – Van Don which takes around 3 hours and 15 minutes  drive (stopover on the way for toilet break) from Hanoi to Van Don (Ao Tien Port) 

Hanoi to Van Don travel map

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Hanoi to Van Don transport guide

This Hanoi to Van Don ultimate guide is everything you need to know to travel from Hanoi to Van Don with up-to-date information in 2023. I will provide you with 3 transport methods.

Hanoi to Van Don by private transfer (Car, minibus)

  • It’s good for those who have lots of luggage such as : families, group of friends, 
  • Good for seniors and families with kids
  • Service is available 24/7
  • Price from $170 (driver, car, and toll fee included) 

Are you looking for either a one-way transfer or round trip transfer from Hanoi to Van Don but you don’t want to share the car with strangers? Arranging a private transfer with a driver is a good option : it’s more comfortable and faster

Pick up and drop off services is door to door . It’s even better for those traveling from Noi Bai airport and going directly to Van Don to take a speed boat to Quan Lan Island or Coto Island. You’ll save lots of time traveling from the Noi Bai airport to Hanoi downtown and take another car from the hotel to Van Don. If you are traveling for a party of 4 people above, the price is more affordable per person. 

A private transfer from Noi Bai Airport to Van Don takes around 3.5 hours, depending on the traffic’s busyness.

How to book a private transfer from Hanoi to Van Don 

There is a few options to book a private car from Hanoi to Ao Tien port. Your hotel in Hanoi offers private transfer to Van Don at a bit higher cost. 

Alternatively, you can book a private car with Hanoi Eco Tour via Whatsapp number at +84974313104. We also offer last-minute booking.

The private transfer with good value of money, just $167 for a private 4-seaters car (up to 3 people), $176 for a private 7-seaters car (up to 6 people) and $215 for a private 16 seaters minibus (up to 10 people with luggage) 

Hanoi to Van Don by local limousine

  • Good for low-budget travelers and solo travelers
  • It takes longer than a private car, usually 3.5 to 4 hours, depending on the traffic
  • You should travel light with a maximum 1 small package and 1 big backpack. 
  • Price : $15 per person
  • Departs : Every half an hour

Van Don Xanh Limousine and Coto Ha Thanh Limousine offer daily shared limousine Dcar 9 seaters from Hanoi to Van Don.

The duration takes a bit longer than a private transfer since you are sharing with other passengers. They usually offer a pick up from your hotel with a 7 seaters car and take half an hour drive to their office in the outskirts of Hanoi. From there, you’ll take the limousine car. It’s a good option for solo travellers and couples who have a limited budget

The Limousine car departs every 30 minutes from 5am to 9pm

Recent update : Coto Ha Thanh stopped the transfer service from Hanoi to Van Don, Van Don Xanh Limousine is the only choice for now 

Pro tips : You’d better inform where to drop off since there is a couple of ports in Van Don : Cai Rong port (the old one) and Ao Tien port (the new one). Ao Tien port is where you takes the speed boat either to Co To island or Quan Lan island. Cai Rong port is for those who take a wooden sharing boat to Quan Lan Island. The distance between two ports is around 5 kilometers or 3 miles.

Also, when booking the seat, try to reserve 4 middle seats which are the most comfortable one in the Dcar Limousine. You just pay a few bucks extra but you’ll get pretty comfortable seat.

Personal experiences with Dcar ride : I booked a 7am bus ride, I got pick up from 6.30am at my hotel in Hanoi Old Quarter, and arrive in Van Don around 10.30am to 10.45am. 

How to book a seat for Limousine Dcar from Hanoi to Van Don

You can arrange a ticket with your accommodation in Hanoi since you may pay a little bit extra but they do speak English, so they are the one who communicate with the bus company and arrange the pick up at the hotel. It will be hassle free in my opinion. 

Halong To Van Don : Private transfer or shared Dcar

Halong to Van Don by private transfer: The price is pretty affordable, only $60 for a 4-seaters car and $68 for a 7-seaters car, including pick up from your hotel in Halong. 

Halong to Van Don by Dcar Limousine: You can use the same company called Van Don Xanh limousine, which offers pick-up from Bai Chay or Halong city to Coto Island. The cost is around 9 USD per person which is super affordable. 

Halong to Van Don by taxi or Grab : Grab is better in my opinion. You need to download this app and install it into your phone. Payment can be made by cash or credit card. Please remember to add your card details so they can charge automatically. 

Hai Phong/Cat Bi airport to Van Don

There are 2 options to choose from 

Option 1 : Take a private transfer from Hai Phong/ Cai Bi airport to Van, which is the best option in my opinion, it’s convenient,fast and comfortable. The price is around $95 per trip 

Option 2 : Take a local bus or Limousine car from Niem Nghia bus station or Cau Rao bus station or check out Trung Nghia limousine with limited departure time, as far as I know, they have 10pm schedule from Hai Phong to Van Don. 

Hanoi to Van Don with a guided tour

  • It’s good for those who want to see Bai Tu Long Bay from Van Don in one day
  • It’s really flexible with a private tour guide, private car, and private boat 
  • Departs: Morning choice is highly recommended since you have time to take a speed boat to the next destination. 
  • Price: From $ 200 per person
  • Tickets: Book the Bai Tu Long bay private tour from Hanoi with Hanoi Eco Tour

Your plan is to stay in Hanoi, and you just need to see Bai Tu Long cruise tour in one day then this day trip is just for you. You will get a private guide, a private car and a private boat to serve you during your trip, which is so convenient.

Spending 1 day in Bai Tu Long Bay from Van Don is enough to see its highlights. You can choose to drop off in Hanoi, Halong or Van Don after the tour 

Things to do in a day tour at Bai Tu Long Bay from Van Don

  • Swimming (jumping off the boat)
  • Kayaking (Summertime only from May to August)
  • Sightseeing
  • Zero tourists 
  • Checking out Ban Sen island and motorbike ride around the island. 
  • Visiting Dong Trong caves
  • Hiking Dong Trong island with panoramic view of the Bai Tu Long bay

Read more : Top things to do in Van Don 

Hanoi to Van Don transport FAQ


The price ranges from $15 to $210 to travel from Hanoi to Van Don. The cheapest option is to take a Dcar limousine which is around $15 per person


It is quite safe and comfortable since the road is pretty flat and in a good condition. Remember to take a pill half an hour before your pick-up if you got car sick.

But bear in mind that, sometimes the drivers go a little fast in a free way

Pro tip: Pick a seat on the right behind the driver.


I would vote for Yen Duc village if you are taking the old national road number 18 or a few hours city tour in Hai Phong. There will be additional cost if you are checking out these spots. It needs to be arranged in advance before the ride.


No, there is train from Hanoi to Van Don. 

You may take a train from Hanoi to Halong, which takes 7 hours, I won’t recommend this option since it’s super long.


The driver working in the tourism industry expects tips. I recommend to leaves $10 per day to make him happy. For other types of transport like Grab, local bus drivers or taxi drivers, it isn’t compulsory to tip.


For my personal view, I would think one day is more than enough for a couple of hours cruising in Bai Tu Long Bay. But there will be an overnight cruise operating this year in the Bai Tu Long Bay area from Van Don. 1 night on aboard would be a nice experience. 

I hope this Hanoi to Van Don Transport guide will help you in some way to plan your travel from Hanoi to Van Don. If you like the article “How to travel from Hanoi to Van Don“, please like,share and subscribe.



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