Hanoi to Halong : The complete transfer guide 2024

hanoi to Halong transfer guide

This Hanoi to Halong transfer guide is everything you need to know about travelling from Hanoi to Halong. We will show you ways to get from Hanoi to Halong using private car, taxi, shuttle bus, local bus, motorbike and more, suggested by a local expert.

About Halong Bay

Known as one of the top tourist destinations in the North of Vietnam. Halong Bay is famous for its towering limestone cliffs with 1969 islands and islets. You can take cruise tours on wooden junk boats for a day trip and steel boats for an overnight cruise. 

Halong Bay is known as World Heritage site in 1994 so it becomes a must-see destination in the Northern Vietnam

Frequently ask question about Hanoi to Halong Transfer

How long does it take from Hanoi to Halong?
The distance from Hanoi Old Quarter to Halong is 150 kilometers or 94 miles two and a half hour including 15 minutes coffee break along the way via the new Expressway

How many ports for taking the cruise in Halong Bay?

There are two ports for takings cruises in Halong Bay : Tuan Chau Gateway which is the first one and Sun Group international port for both cruises and cruise ships from other countries

Is day trip to Halong from Hanoi worth it?

I recommend taking 6-hour cruise in Halong which includes the same activities as two days one-night cruise including cave visit kayaking, swimming hiking and more.

Is there any option as an alternative for Halong Bay?

Bai Tu Long Bay from Van Don is an alternative if you like travelling off the beaten track since Halong Bay is very touristy ,especially during the summertime from Middle of May to Middle of August. 

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How long does it takes from Halong to Noi Bai airport?

Two and a half hour

How to get from Hanoi to Halong Bay : Transports, Advices and Tips

Those who want to travel from Hanoi to Halong bay, they can be either guests who book an overnight stay on a cruise in Halong or they can be an independent traveler who wants to stay a couple of nights in Halong without taking an overnight cruise 

For those who booked an overnight stay on a cruise, I recommend booking a sharing transfer directly with the cruise companies to ensure you will be on time for the boat tour. If you want to take a private transfer, you can book through a hotel or travel agency in Hanoi or with Hanoi Eco Tour via WhatsApp: +84.974.313.104

Hanoi to Halong bus/limousine Dcar (Tourist friendly option)

There is no better choice than taking a Hanoi to Halong with tourist bus companies who offer pick up from your hotel in Hanoi Old Quarter and drop off in Halong City. 


Halong Excursion

They use Solati Limousine bus which is good quality 

Route Departure time  Transfer time  Ticket fare Type of bus 
Hanoi–Halong (Bai Chay)

From Hanoi : 8.30am, 14.30pm

From Halong: 11.30am, 18.00pm

2.5 hours $20/pax Solati (12 seats)

Sapa Express

A good option for those who travel in a lower budget

Route  Departure time  Transfer time  Ticket fare Type of bus 
Hanoi – Halong

From Hanoi : 8am,13:30

From Halong : 12pm

2 hours and 45 minutes  $12/pax Shuttle bus (21 seats)

Tech bus

A good option for those who travel in a middle range budget

Route  Departure time  Transfer time  Ticket fare Type of bus 
Hanoi – Halong

From Hanoi : 7am, 8am, 9am, 11am, 13pm, 14pm, 15pm, 17pm, 18pm 

From Halong : 7am, 8am, 9am, 11am, 13pm, 14pm, 15pm, 16pm, 18pm, 19pm

2 hours and 45 minutes  310.000VND/pax Dcar Limousine (9 seats)

Daichi bus

A good option for those who want to travel from Got Pier to Bai Chay (Halong). It isn’t a direct bus from Hanoi to Halong

Route  Departure time  Transfer time  Ticket fare Type of bus 
Hanoi – Got Pier Halong

From Hanoi : 6.30am, 8am, 10.45am, 12.30pm, 13pm, 14.30pm

From Halong : 9am, 12pm, 16pm, 19pm

4 hours from Hanoi to Halong and 4 hours and 30 minutes from Halong to Hanoi 200.000VND/pax Dcar Limousine (27 and 45 seats)


Other tourist friendly transfer companies

  • Halong Express
  • Luxury Trans Vietnam

Local Dcar companies for shared transfer from Hanoi to Halong

  • Halong Travel limousine
  • Duy Khanh limousine
  • Hoang Phuong Limousine
  • Van Don Xanh limousine (I traveled with them very often

Please most that majority of the local bus companies do offer pick up outside Hanoi Old Quarter but some do. As far as I know, Van Don Xanh limousine do offer pick up from Hanoi Old Quarter using a SUV car, then you will take the Dcar from their office in Long Bien District. 

How to take local bus from Hanoi to Halong

My Dinh bus terminal, which is 10 kilometers from the Old Quarter of Hanoi or Gia Lam bus terminal which is around 4 kilometers from Hanoi Old Quarter. 

I recommend getting off at Ben Xe Bai Chay (Bai Chay bus terminal since there is lots more options for taxis or motorbike taxis to Bai Chay center. If you are staying in Halong city, getting off at Nga Tu Long Toong which is the first intersection after crossing Bai Chay bridge

I personally don’t recommend this option since you have to take a taxi from the Old Quarter to the bus terminal and another taxi ride from Tam Coc roundabout to your accommodation in Ninh Binh. At the end of the day, the expenses is higher than taking a tourist-friendly bus from Hanoi Old Town 

How to book a tourist shuttle bus from Hanoi to Halong

Book through local platform called VeXeRe to book a bus ticket from Hanoi to Halong, it is also the way to support local business

Alternatively, you can also book through another platform

Pro Tips for booking a Limousine Dcar/shuttle bus from Hanoi to Halong

  • Check with the hotel staff when booking a limousine bus from Hanoi to Halong because the timetable can be changed without prior notice 
  • Your arrival time might be later than expected, it can be half an hour later than schedule because of traffic jam, lots of drop off point on the way
  • For shuttle bus service or Limousine Dcar, Double check if they drop you off at your hotel in Halong city. Lots of bus companies only drop off in Tuan Chau Harbour and Bai Chay area. 
  • Bring local currency Dong to pay for the bus ticket 
  • When taking a local transfer, it’s common to encounter unsafe drivers, like speaking on the phone. An alternative option is to take a private car
  • I personally don’t recommend taking a local bus unless you want to experience. Because for the cost, you need to pay extra for taxi from your hotel to the bus terminal in Hanoi and from the drop off point in Halong to your hotel which is more than taking a direct transfer from Hanoi Old Quarter

Hanoi to Halong  private transfer: 4 seaters, 7 seaters – SUV car, minivan

If you are  in a party of 3,4,5 people but you don’t like sharing transfer with others, taking a private transfer with an affordable price in the top priority. Please see the below table for a reference of the private transfer service from Hanoi to Halong (All rate is American Dollar) 


Route 4 seaters car (2 people with luggage 7 seaters cars (family of four with luggage)  16-seater minivan (up to 8 people with luggage) 
Hanoi to Halong 91 99 131

Driver language skill : Basic English

Pick up and drop off : Door to Door

Type of vehicles : 4 seaters car (Sedan) for 2 adults and 01 kid with luggage, 7 seaters car (maximum 4 adults and 01 kid with luggage), 16 seaters minibus (maximum for 10 adults with luggage) 

For booking a private transfer/car to Halong, kindly contact us via: WhatsApp: +84.974.313.104

What do do and see along the way from Hanoi to Halong

  • Yen Duc village
  • Chu Van An worshipping temple
  • Hai Phong city

An additional fee is applied if you visit the tourist attractions mentioned above.  Actually it isn’t convenient but it is what you can do to combine some sightseeing spots. 

Hanoi to Halong motorbike 

 Experienced rider is welcome only since the road condition is good but lots of traffics 

Be sure you put on a full-head helmet and a valid international tour guide licence

Duration : 3.5 hours including coffee break on the way

Route : From Hanoi Old Quarter,  drive pass Chuong Duong bridge, then onto old National road number 18 , then taking left turn to Que Vo town, keep going through Chi Linh town, Dong Trieu Town, Uong Bi town, when you see the sign to Bai Chay, taking a left turn and find your hotel in Bai Chay. 

Check out this comprehensive map to travel on a motorbike from Hanoi Old Quarter to Vuon Dao market in Bai Chay 

hanoi to Halong Motorbike map

Hanoi to Halong by taxi/Grab

You are travelling on a budget but still wan to travel on a private car from Hanoi to Halong, Electric taxi called TaxiXanh by Vinfast is an excellent option. The driver of this company do speak English. Whilst there is a language barrier if you tried Mai Linh taxi or Taxi group. The concept is to drive from A to B, without sightseeing. 

But ask the hotel staff to double check the price, for long driving distance, I don’t think taxi option is cheaper than private car. 

Hanoi to Halong train

It takes 6 hours to get from Hanoi to Halong by train. I won’t suggest this option

Transfer guide from Halong to other destinations

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We hope this Hanoi to Halong transport guide will help you plan your transfer from Hanoi to Ninh Binh

If you are looking for  a private transfer service from Hanoi to Halong, kindly contact us via Whatsapp at +84.974.313.104

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