Unknown things about Halong Bay Vietnam

Halong Bay Vietnam

Awesome Halong Bay Vietnam

Halong Bay Vietnam is a proud of Quang Ninh Province in particular and Vietnam in general. Halong is one of World New Seven Wonders and World Heritage Site.

Together with Nha Trang Bay, Halong is ranked as one of 29 most beautiful bays in the world.

A combination of environment, climate, geology and geomythology values over 500 million years makes Halong Bay Vietnam of a collection of biological green tropical rain-forests ecosystem and marine and coastal ecosystems with several sub-ecosystems.

According to statistics, Halong is limited to an area of 1553 square kilometers, including approximately 2000 islands, a majority of limestone islands. Meanwhile, Halong’s core area is 335 square kilometers, a dense settlement of 775 islands. Moreover, it has endemic species of 14 flora and 60 fauna discovered among a thousand of  flora and fauna packed together on the bay.

Halong Bay Vietnam : The World Heritage Site

With incomparable beauty, Halong Bay was listed as World Heritage Site in 1994.  by UNESCO with its aesthetic values and recognized once again with its global outstanding values of geology and geomythology in the year 2000.  Along with Nha Trang bay, Halong bay Vietnam is recognized as one of 29 most world beautiful bays.

Stunning view of  Halong Bay Vietnam by photos

Halong Bay Vietnam has a thousand of islands with countless shapes.

Karrst mountain in Halong Bay

Amazing limestone mountain in Halong bay

Visitors is attracted by the mysterious beauty of caves and grottos in Halong Bay.

Suprising Cave Halong Bay

Surprising (Sung Sot) cave – a must-see spot in Halong Bay Vietnam

Rocky monkeys are precious fauna species available on rocky mountains in Halong Bay.

Halong bay monkey

A monkey playing on the rock in Halong Bay

Take an overnight sleeping cruise and enjoy an authentic experience of being a fisherman.

Fishing in Halong bay

A fishing trip with local for tourists on Halong Bay

Joining in responsible travel activities such as : collecting rubbish, teaching English for children in the floating schools, and staying on a green bamboo boat without engines rowed by local fishermen….

Collecting rubbish in Halong Bay

Collecting rubbish on Halong Bay by tourists

Floating school in Halong Bay

A small class in a floating school in Halong Bay

The stunning natural beauty of caves and grottoes in Halong Bay.


A Limestone cave in Halong Bay

Halong  Bay Vietnam is chosen to organize big social-cultural events of Vietnam and the World.


Halong festival – an annual event

6 Interesting facts about Halong bay

  • There are almost 2000 islands and islets (1969) but half of them haven’t been given names
  • There are lots of awesome caves to be explored such as Surprising cave, Heavenly Palace cave, Three Palace cave, Thien Canh Son Cave and so on
  • 10 meters or 33 feet deep. The rock formation is formed about 500 million years ago.
  • Halong Bay means “Descending Dragon bay”. There is also another sister bay call Bai Tu Long bay where the child Dragon descended.
  • King Kong or Kong Skull Island had been here in 2017 because of its amazing beauty ever
  • Only 2.5 hours from Hanoi to Halong bay by the new expressway

Hanoi Eco Tour hope this article about Halong Bay Vietnam helps you some way to know more about the new seven wonders of nature: Halong Bay Vietnam – a must thing to do in Vietnam

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