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Reviews of Duong Lam village tour

One hour by car from Hanoi this is a great pace to visit. We went with our guide David Nguyen of Hanoi Eco Tours contact details: email  davidnguyen.tourguide@gmail.com
I can’t tell you how much it cost because we had Several tours and airport transfers with David as a combined thing. I think if you visit the ethnic museum before going to the village you will get more out if it because you will have a better understanding of the village life. I highly recommend you do a day in Hanoi with David before you go to the village. He has many special skills including cutting into mile long lines to see the mausoleum and finding seats in packed coffee shops and getting you accross the road without being run over. His knowledge of history and culture is vast.
The village is picturesque unspoilt and well worth a visit. David was able to take us into local houses and translate for us as we chatted with locals over tea. The house where we had lunch was around three hundred years old and original. The owner is a Journalist his wife an art teacher. They have a family tradition of processing soy beans. The food we had here was the best vietnamese food we had in Vietnam. Better than hotels and restaurants rated in the top five on this site. Better by a country mile. We did a bit of biking around the village, chatted and drank tea, looked arround the pagoda. I think you need at least three hours there. You will also get a lot more out if your visit if you go with a local guide and translator if your Vietnamese is limited.  I highly recommend a trip to this village and David as a tour guide.

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