Top 4 stars hotel in Cat Ba – Deluxe accommodation in Cat Ba

4 stars hotel in Cat Ba

This article includes 4 stars hotel in Cat Ba with top choices for deluxe accommodation in Cat Ba for those who want to stay in comfort, a bit more luxurious but affordable cost than 5 star hotels in Cat Ba.

Top 4 stars hotel in Cat Ba – Best deluxe accommodation in Cat Ba island

Cat Ba Paradise Pool and Sky bar

Cat Ba paradise pool and sky bar

To me, this is the most reliable deluxe accommodation in Cat Ba. For years in the hospitality business, Cat Ba Paradise Hotel is the top 4-star hotel in Cat Ba

The Cat Ba Paradise Skypool Bar might feature:

Infinity Pool with great view:
A highlight of the Skypool Bar could be an infinity pool that offers breathtaking panoramic views of the surrounding landscapes, including the lush greenery of Cat Ba Island and the scenic Lan Ha Bay.

Chic Lounge Area:
The bar could have a stylish and comfortable lounge area with contemporary decor. You could relax in comfortable seating, enjoying both the cool poolside atmosphere and the scenic surroundings.

Signature Cocktails and Cuisine:
The Cat Ba Skypool Bar offers a lot of options for food, as well as signature cocktails and a selection of gourmet cuisine. Tropical-inspired drinks and Vietnamese specialties could be on the menu, providing you with a delightful culinary experience.

Live Music or DJ Sets:
To enhance the atmosphere, the bar might host live music performances or have a resident DJ playing upbeat tunes, creating a vibrant and enjoyable ambiance for guests.

Enjoying sunset
Relax, chill out, and enjoy a drink at  Cat Ba Paradise Skypool Bar is a great experience. 

Exclusive Events like birthdays, and wedding parties:
You can also organize private events, like celebrations, parties, or even romantic getaways.

What I like about this hotel is the very affordable rate, When it comes to tourist season for foreign visitors, the price is pretty affordable, from 50 USD to 60 USD per room per night.

Beta hotel and Sky bar

Beka hotel Cat Ba

It is a pretty brand new 4  stars in Cat Ba, which belongs to Beta Travel Group. There isn’t much review for this hotel. 

Located in the heart of Cat Ba town on 1/4 street, Beta hotel and Sky bar is considered one of the best options for deluxe accommodation in Cat Ba. 

It is claimed to be a real 4 stars hotel in Cat Ba so the price isn’t cheap from 80 to 90 USD per room per night. 

It has everything that a 4-star hotel has to offer: restaurants, a spa, a sky bar, and more. 

Information about this hotel will be updated in the future.

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Standard hotels in Cat Ba

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I hope this helps you some ways to find the best deluxe accommodation in Cat Ba and 4 stars hotel in Cat Ba for your holiday. 

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