Mai Chau travel guide

Mai Chau is a picturesque valley that lies amidst the majestic mountains in Vietnam’s northwest region. It is a 150-kilometer journey from the capital Hanoi. This is an ultimate Mai Chau travel guide provide you with details information on advices and tips for a trip to Mai Chau, Vietnam on things to do, what to […]

How to choose a right cruise for Halong Bay tour

Halong Bay tour  is a must-do in Vietnam. Halong Bay is known as New Seven Natural Wonder of the World as well as World Heritage Site. As a popular destination for worldwide travellers, Halong Bay is affordable and give you some ways to travel more enjoyablely, cheaper, longer. Here is some tips how to choose […]

An unforgettable day trip to Duong Lam ancient village

Why we want to tour Duong Lam ancient village After a fantastic Halong bay trip, we still had a free day in Hanoi and would love do a day tour to a tranquil place and experience authentic Vietnamese countryside. We came across a recommendation on Trip Advisor. They mentioned a place called Duong Lam ancient village […]

Unknown things about Halong Bay Vietnam

  Fascinating Halong Bay Vietnam Halong Bay Vietnam is a proud of Quang Ninh province in particular and Vietnam in general. Halong is one of World New Seven Wonders as well as World Heritage Site. Together with Nha Trang Bay, Halong is ranked as one of 29 most beautiful bays in the world. A combination […]

Experience a day in the life of Halong Bay fishermen

  This article below will show a closer look into a day in the life of Halong Bay fishermen Halong Bay New Seven Wonders of Nature Halong  Bay situated in Quang Ninh province, is one of New Seven Natural Wonders as well as a world heritage site, a well-known destination for worldwide travelers. Traveling to Halong […]

Hanoi is listed as one of the top ten destinations on a rise in the world

Hanoi – top ten destinations – the capital city of Vietnam Located in the heart of Northern Vietnam, Hanoi – top ten destinations is one of the best city to visit in Vietnam. It attracts a great number of visitors every year. Hanoi is ranked as the 8th of top ten world destinations in the […]

Duong Lam village travel tips

Here are some useful information and money savings tips, travel guide for travelers to  Duong Lam ancient village, which helps you get greater enjoyment during the trip to Duong Lam village Vietnam. Tip 1 : Safety Duong Lam village  is  safe for travelers The only real hazard in this part of the world is your […]

Duong Lam ancient house

The folk houses in Duong Lam village Duong Lam ancient house are seft-contained, emcompassed by walls. The entrance and exit can be made only through the gate facing the lane. In the middle of house’s precinct is the yard. The main house faces the yeard and does not face the lane directly. On one side […]

Duong Lam village Vietnam – A trace back to origins

Duong Lam village Vietnam Duong Lam ancient village is on the outskirts of Hanoi, about 60 km west of Hanoi  and also known as a museum of laterite, home to many houses dating back up to 400 years. One special thing about the village is that most of the buildings here are made of laterite and […]

Mai Chau travel tips

Here are some of the top frequently asked Mai Chau travel tips  which help you start to plan your travel to Mai Chau. These tips below will give you a good overview of the main issues you’ll face planning your trip and teach you how to find good deals before coming to Mai Chau Vietnam. Tip […]