Withdraw cash from ATMs in Vietnam : The complete guide 2024

Atms in Vietnam : The complete guide


When travelling in Vietnam, you should know that “Cash is King” and “Money transfer is Queen.” Still, things are changing significantly after the Covid when everyone is getting used to online shopping using bank transfers, ATMs and Ewallets. 

For foreign tourists, I do recommend you still need some cash with you since some local hotels, restaurants, cafes, stores only accept cash. This article is written for foreign tourists (not for expats who use local ATMs)  everything you need to know about withdrawing cash from ATMs in Vietnam 

Why do you need cash in Vietnam?

Bank notes in Vietnam

Most hotels, resorts, bars, and restaurants serving international tourists accept credit cards. But there are homestays, local motels, and Airbnb in some locations that only accept cash. 

If you want to buy something at a local market or store. Then, they only accept cash. 

Also, most credit card transactions require three percent extra on top of the amount for bank charges. If you could find ways to do without fees lower than three percent for a big amount of money, you save quite a bit. Let’s do some calculations. If you pay the amount of 1000 USD, then 30 USD are bank fees so find a way to save that amount.

Which currency do you get when withdraw from ATMs in Vietnam?

If your account is in American Dollars, Australian Dollars, Euro or Japanese Yen or other currencies. According to our local government’s law, You can only get VND (Vietnam Dong) when you withdraw money from ATMs in Vietnam. 

The foreign exchange rate is calculated based on the bank you withdraw. It can be painful with poor exchange rates something

Top banks in Vietnam : both local and international one


Famous local banks in Vietnam

Top banks in Vietnam

  • Vietcombank
  • Vietinbank
  • BIDV
  • Agribank
  • Techcombank
  • VPBank
  • TPBank
  • MBBank
  • ACB

Top foreign banks in Vietnam

Foreign banks in Vietnam

  • HSBC
  • ANZ
  • Citi Bank

ATMs from these banks can be easily found in big cities like Hanoi, Danang,  Nha Trang and Ho Chi Minh city. Agribanks, Vietinbank and BIDV have the most ATMs across the country. Also, you may only find Agribank ATMs in rural areas and remote regions. 

How to search for ATMs in Vietnam

Atms near me

You can easily find ATMs machines nationwide, from remote regions to big metropolitan cities. It’s super easy to look for ATMs around tourist attractions but if you are travelling to remote regions. it’s a different story. I’ve heard to a local family, living in the remote region who has to travel 30 kilometers from their home to the central town to withdraw cash. 

Just Google “ATMs near me” or  “Bank name and ATM”. For example, Vietcombank ATM, and you will see the search result. But the problem is not all ATMs are listed on Google map. I recommend asking the hotels or restaurants where you stay to find the closest ATMs. 

Which cards do ATMs accept

  • Visa
  • Master
  • Union
  • JCB

American Express and Discover is less common than usual

Withdrawal fees and withdrawal limit for Vietnam ATMs

Bank’s name  Withdraw fees  Withdrawal limits Note
Vietcombank 50,000VND 5,000,000 VND  
Vietinbank 55,000 VND 2,000,000 VND  
BIDV 3 % of the full amount 3,000,000 VND  
Agribank 22,000 VND 3,000,000VND  
Tpbank Free of charge  5,000,000 VND The rate is better than
VP Bank Free of charge 5,000,000VND  The rate is better than
MBbank 49,000 VND 5,000,000VND  
VIB Bank 50,000VND 5,000,000 VND  
HSBC 3 to 3.5 % of your amount  10,000,000VND  Free of charge (HSBC card from German
CITI Bank   8,000,000VND   

Note :

  • The bank charges can be changed without prior notice
  • All fees above is applied per transaction 
  • The fees vary depending on the locations (just for reference) 

Use a fee free card  in Vietnam

Fee free card in Vietnam

  • Create a VND account with WISE and pay with your WISE credit card but as an American citizen , I guess you cannot withdraw cash with A WISE card to avoid money laundry.
  • Withdrawing cash at Eximbank ATMs is free of charge using a Revolut card
  • For American tourists, using Charles Schwab checking account with fee-free cash withdraw from ATMs worldwide. 

If you haven’t got a WISE account, create one here

App for sending money to Vietnam for paying tours, hotels using a credit card


Highly recommend Remitly, which is super fast, safe and reliable. You can receive money from Europe, North America, Austria, Newzealand, and Singapore.

Lots of my American clients have used it and we received the money just in a couple of minutes. If you haven’t had any account, please click here

How to save money when withdrawing from ATMs

  • Withdraw a large amount of money in each transaction.
  • Check the hidden fees
  • Count the money before leaving the ATMs
  • Check exchange rate on Vietcombank website (google Vietcombank exchange rate) to avoid poor exchange rate at the ATMs

Common Issues when Withdrawing Money from ATMs in Vietnam

Your card has been swallowed

Contact the bank hotline or the phone number has been placed in the ATMs. Remember to print the receipt and take photo of the ATM number if there is an issue. 

Next go to the branch which manages the ATM and get your card back.

Get ZERO cash even your money has been deduced from the account

Get the receipt, ATM number and bank name and report to your bank and the bank in Vietnam. 

No money in your deposit account.

If you want to withdraw cash, you must have enough money in your deposit account. Double-check your deposi account and try it again. 

Over to you

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